Love is not Hate and Hate is not Love



“Every natural man is an enemy to God –

as He is revealed in His Word.”

(Steve is quoting another religious celeb)

“God would be voted out of the world!”,

(Thomas Boston, “Human Nature in its Fourfold State“)

It saddens me with increasing frequency what a “God” we prefer.

A God who judges.  A God who demands.  A God who is hated.  And along with “God” – us “believers”.  Believers of a God who judges.  Who demands.  Who is hated.  Which makes us believers and God as One.  Bound together in the hatred of unbelievers.

It saddens me because Love is not Hate and Hate is not Love.

Yet we still like to wheel out these religious celebs who confuse the two.   Who preach that “certainty” with an enthusiasm and piousness and righteousness that always makes me cringe.

Why do so many “believers” extract such disharmony and division from the bible?

I am curious.

(it keeps me from being “right” about everything)





2 thoughts on “Love is not Hate and Hate is not Love

  1. IMHO, if God exists then our eternal happiness relies on following rules (i.e., “Love your neighbor…”) otherwise there is eternal damnation. If God doesn’t exist then we are free to do whatever we want, and “right” can be whatever we decide.


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