It must be an age thing



The circle of life

It must be an age thing.  The younger I was the less “stuff” mattered.  And now the older I get the less “stuff” matters again.  Just the in-between bit distracted me.  Because …

When that kicks in – loves checks out

Maybe that’s what all the “Become childlike” is about.  All the “Don’t worry you I have it covered” is about.  And what if the cross and resurrections and “all that” is more stuff.  Stuff we have “sophisticated” love out of.   What if all that was about “Don’t worry – loves lives even beyond death – now get on with loving!”  What if we have made all of this “stuff” more complicated than it was ever intended?

“Two words have become more and more powerful in my journey with The Greatest of these …  “I Am” … The Greatest of these is I and Am … (what else can top that?)”

Church Set Free is where “The answer is always love – now what’s your question?”

Because – when all that “sophisticated stuff” kicks in …



Isn’t that when love checks out?

Why not have a read…

When that kicks in – loves checks out, over at Church Set Free

Thank you –





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