Looking up and dreaming


We look up and see this.


I imagine where all those people are going, where they have left, who they have left, who they are going to.  A plane full of lives connected to many more beneath.

I remember our own flights – our own places we went – our own places we left behind.  All those people and cultures – all those sights and sounds and smells.  All those memories!

Is anyone looking up as we fly above?  Is anyone else imagining my life and all the people I am connected with beneath?

And now I can look down as well.  Now I can see this as well …


6.30am this morning and the “beneath” is almost invisible (if you live in a “beneath” worth living).


How many planes?  How many people?  How many places left behind?  How many places to be arrived at?  Too many for me to imagine!  I can only do that one plane at a time.  One place at a time.  One dream at a time.

And forget all that “but God can” for a moment –  WE did this.  WE made this.  WE control this.  WE not God (or no God).

I trust so many people with my life.  The aircraft manufacturer, the airline I fly with, the airport I fly to and and from, the air controllers who keep my plane safe, the fuel and lubricant makers who keep things greased and firing, the financial and technology systems that allow me to sit here and arrive there – complete with tickets and seats and baggage all attended to.

WE do all that.

And to do all THAT takes not just intellectual and engineering muscle.  It takes love.  The love to do that to a standard which keeps our fellow human beings safe.  Human being just like me and you. Ordinary people doing something extraordinary!  Each of us doing/being something and someone extraordinary.  Day after day after day.

ESPECIALLY if that is just looking up and dreaming. 

Dreaming of each other and the lives we lead, the loves we enjoy, the dreams we all have.

Because isn’t that where this all started …

Dreaming …


I find that amazing!

I find each of us amazing!

I find this amazing …





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