Let those without a past cast the first stone



Our political leaders are finally able to bring their personal ambitions out of the closet!  Ten prospective candidates for the Party Leader and the immediate crowning of (another) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Politics at its best!

First “The European Experiment” and disillusionment with this “Super-Gravy-Train” funded by “The Taxpayer”. Then the cynical political opportunism motivating “The Referendum”.  Opportunism that never calculated – on all sides – “The Public” actually voting to exit!  Then the unseemly exit (stage left) of the key political players as “The Reality” sank in.  And then the set-free-skulduggery of the political minnows – “The Bottom Feeders” – and their endless calculated maneuverings – their cliques and cloaked barbs – and the expected “bribes” of this and that (for that and this).

A lifestyle and culture from which The Political Class seem incapable of breaking free.  Destined to exist for the next vote (and what they get out of it), the next promotion (and who loses and who wins), the next short-term this (and the next opportunistic that).

And what has summed all of that for me is the current “Leadership Contest”.

And the smears (and counter smears) we all accept as “politics” and how politics is done.  A contest that has nothing to do with The Biggest Axe STILL hanging over all our heads: how we exit the European Club (and still retain all the perks).

It is a leadership contest that reverts to the obligatory “Guess what he did – recreational drugs!” (faux shock-horror-disgust).  With the obligatory “It was once – and I was young – and I now realise it was a terrible mistake!” (absence of any insincerity).

Where is the (more sincere) response that says:

“Up yours Jack!

Do you really want someone who plans every last second of their future lives – plans every last action against how it might play out in the papers – spends their entire youth thinking of what might look good or bad decades later – never does anything without checking with their spin-doctor first … ?   Isn’t THAT how politicians do things WHEN they become politicians?

It’s called living with a closet you never dare let anyone see.  Isn’t that the most dishonest and reprehensible way to conduct “public service”?  Hello … 

I grew up without any ambition of becoming a politician. That came later.  And that – like all of us – is when my normal earlier-present living became a liability!  And – like all of us – I will remember those who prised that open for the public to see!  So – dear news media – dear colleagues with spin-doctors – dear public (who still salivate quietly over these indiscretions) …

Let those without a past cast the first stone.”

It’ll never happen.

We like our leaders pristine and unblemished … to think they are better than we are … We prefer to turn a blind eye (so long as they don’t rub our faces in their indiscretions).  It happens in all political arenas: sport, church, work, relationships, real-life and living AND politics.  We all live our lives behind a mask (and get a weird perverted pleasure out of seeing others unmasked).

AND a righteous indignation (of fear disgust) should it happen to us.

There is another way …

Love accepts and forgives shit.  Love allows shit whilst inviting the better me.  Love does not wallow in shit AND doesn’t “rise above it”.

Love allows whilst inviting the better me.

Love doesn’t embrace abuse or inhumanity or closets or spin doctors or salivating over another’s indiscretions.  Love does not invite the worse me, but the better me.  The me free to live without any closets.  The me free to live the journey that is love.

A journey that isn’t static or pre-ordained – that allows-meets each where they are – that invites “the better me” to be who you meet – always.

And if no one was “saved” – yet all lived that journey – wouldn’t THAT be the heaven we yearn for?  And doesn’t us making “being saved” the biggie just keep heaven in a closet?  A heaven that exists today and all around.

Isn’t that really keeping God in a (saved) closet – in a box of religious and political (saved) making.  

Maybe allowing heaven out of the closet – of the box – will never happen.  But if I allow it … if you allow it …

Maybe allowing will become contagious!



4 thoughts on “Let those without a past cast the first stone

  1. Sort of off-topic question. The exit is planned because the vote to leave won by a slim margin, and continues because the Conservative party is in charge. If elections occur, and the liberal party(?) wins, does that mean the voters opinion doesn’t matter and the exit is trashed?

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    • 🙂

      Almost. The decision to leave was “set” in approved legislation and would require the undoing of that legislation. Not to say it could not happen.

      But I don’t believe any government (current or new) would do that to the 52% of the population who voted to leave AND a big chunk of the 48% who didn’t (who would see that as a gross betrayal of democracy). It would be political carnage without precedent..

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