Making the unconditional conditional


Yesterday was doctors – today it is words.

How one word nestled amongst many can change things – but not always for the better.  I bumped into one the other day … “This tiny ten-letter-mustard-seed-phrase” … just wrote about it across at Church Set Free.

Because I truly believe that love is where its all at.  And I believe, more and more, that love is not this slice-and-dice-differentiated “four Greek biblical words for love” (so which “love” does the bible mean?).

More and more I believe that love can only be love without condition.  Anything else isn’t.

More and more I believe that the “Me, Them and You” love IS without condition (especially without the ordering, hierarchy, depth and breadth conditions).

More and more I get an “ouch” when I absorb words that make the unconditional conditional.  Like in …

This tiny ten-letter-mustard-seed-phrase” 

(see you across at Church Set Free)




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