I think we should play God



In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve’s job-spec is to rule-over stuff, to name living things – to be in charge.  I often wonder why we like to think “God” set things up in this way.  Our history of “being in charge” is full of examples of screwing-over the planet and each other … time and time again.

“Humans love playing god, changing nature at every turn.”
(a comment under: “Will Wonders Never Cease …”, Nan’s Notebook)

That comment – whether of faith or not – is universally understood.

THAT “God” is above reproach and/or consequence.  THAT “God” experiments, takes a holiday, gets distracted, gets angry, favours some above others, dispenses with some, elevates others.  THAT “God” falls asleep on the job … is careless with “his”  creations.

A “God” – in short – who screwed/screws up royally – time after time.

(which sounds very familiar)

Isn’t all THAT just more layers of our “God” – a (wo)manmade creation that begins with Genesis and then right through the bible?  A God/Bible steeped in our need to control – a God/Bible edited / versed /chaptered / passage-headlined until we name it “correct.

A God/Bible deemed inerrant and infallible (at worst) – to a God/Bible-breathed and inspired (at second worst).  A God/bible of a God we have created and edited and evolved into different God/Faiths.  A God/Faith in our own likeness – a God we have created – and fought about ever since.

“Humans love playing god, changing nature at every turn.”

That phrase sums up a lot of human nature for me.  The nature of blame.  That comment – made by one human of other humans – is blaming the other humans whilst excusing the one commenting.  And the God I know from the bible (I read less and less) is “Love Is The Answer – Now What’s Your Question?”.

THAT God is God / Bible / Faith / No-Faith for me.

And much as I dream weird-shit – so too the I see that in the bible.  Much as I don’t  take my dreams literally – so too the bible.  Much as my dreams may cast light on my shadows – so too my bible.  And much as I dream-weird shit – it has little bearing on my conscious living (unless I allow).

Just as I allow Love Is The Answer – so too I allow the bible to teach Love.  Just as I allow the bible not to be literal – to not need to be this or that or the other … just as this “jobspec” is not (for me) about “ruling over” (and never was).

I think Genesis is a weird-shit dream of someone.  And we have edited and argued over the weird-shit ever since. 

Because one thing we do well is to “pick at stuff”.  We pick until it falls apart and can’t be repaired – or until we “get it” and incorporate that knowledge (into unpicking something else).

“Humans love playing god, changing nature at every turn.”

Isn’t “it” (or “God”).

It is “unpicking” something as we might pick the wings from a fly.  It kills and breaks but never builds and empowers.  It is not of love but of “I have rights”.

The problem with “rights” is that they can be embedded with as much blame as anything else.  And blame never really does much for the human condition other than twist the knife of bile.  Not a “rule over everything” quality that helps “everything”.

I think we should play God.   I think we should change nature at every turn. 

We are here, we are now, and we have evolved our skills of needing to be in control of everything – even nature.

But being “in control” requires discipline, awareness, connection, empathy, kindness … love.

For love is the greatest discipline we each can carry.  Love in its purest form without all the baggage of “which kind of love do you mean?” controls by not controlling – allows by not allowing – empowers by not empowering – is universal and timeless – is for me and you and something bigger than you and me.

If we ruled with love …

Isn’t that the real God (that the weird-shit in the bible tries to teach)?  Isn’t that the essence of all faith AND non-faiths?  Isn’t that the fear of us all …

That ruling with love is stuffed-full of weird contradictory shit (we have been taught to BELIEVE is not enough)?  Because we are taught we need to be in CONTROL (even of love) …

Which is the biggest contradiction ever!

I love the bible, I love faith, I love non-faith, I love … and that rules me.

And – for me – that is enough.



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