Teaching unattainable aspiration



Some years ago there was a tv programme called: “Grumpy Old Men”.  A collection of older celebs spouting about most things institutional with great humour and affection.  An affection for something we call “good” that had become a tad tarnished – that was slipping.  I empathised and related to almost all that was spouted.

Yet I was too young to be a grumpy old man.  I think I was a grumpy old man in training.  And I graduated without realising.  Because …

I am irritated with anonymous “government sources” who always say how they have “set aside / allocated / funded / budgeted in real terms £xm” (as the solution for every failure and injustice).  Money that is our taxes – and money (if it is actually real) that never fixes anything.

Irritated by “lessons have been learned” as the standard response to another horrific tragedy in public service “care” … by knife-scooter-bandits-gun-gang-drug-fuck-you “related crime”  – always with its roots in a “failure of society” (i.e. government and government agencies) and never real people.

Never anything to do with me and how I live my life, raise my children and all “that”  (because we pay our taxes to have all that fixed without me ever being involved)

Irritared at being surrounded by more and more companies whose internal processes aren’t fit for purpose – but who insulate that small detail by “Customer Services” – none of whom can make a decision – but all of whom have authority NOT to put me through to a manager / decision-maker.

And NONE of whom ever question why that ISN’T “customer services”.



And I see our society with this embedded “partnership” between government and the people.  One wherein the people expect government to fix everything and government encouraging that fantasy.  Government which keeps repeating how all these extra “£xm” will fix everything AND deliver the people’s expectation.  But who then deliver nothing because budget cuts have already taken away more than “is given”. 

And yet the people still believe government should and will fix things.  And this conspiracy is the new “normal”!


I think maybe it’s not grumpiness – maybe just that my priorities have changed.

We have all the “stuff” we want … so socialising/partying … all this fashion and new this and new that … all that was a different life.  Now grandchildren and family gatherings large and small … a cuddle here … a conversation there … meeting a stranger with kindness … money and possessions (now) something for helping … which IS simply living … time moving ever more gently yet ever faster … life and living something we won’t get the chance to do again …

I think it is my priorities changing.

Just as I think “we” encourage this pursuit of power because it suits the suits to always “lead” society on their terms … terms which include society expecting “them” to fix everything.  Because then the top knows not much will change and won’t be challenged other than by a bit of bitching – easily quietened with the standard “we have set aside / allocated / funded / budgeted in real terms” panacea.

Is it any wonder that love (without condition) is still not seen as reality – but always unattainable aspiration?

Why do we have a system that fixes nothing but prefers to maintain the status-quo?  Why so much bullshit?  Like the current political bullshit (across the world and here) including the Trump-bullshit which, according to Mr Trump, says we call the new Prime Minister to-be (Boris Johnson) our “British Trump”.  And that because “we” voted for “British Trump” we really do love Mr Trump.

Mr Trump – reality check …

A political party membership of ONLY 159,320 in a country of 63,181,775 (which is a tiny 0.26% ) did that.  The other 99.74% were irrelevant.  And even to the 0.26% “Real Trump” wasn’t on their mind.  Staying in “power” was.

I think what has changed for me is knowing that love (without condition) is NOT an aspiration but IS my reality.  A reality 99.74% of “us” seem to prefer to be an unattainable  fantasy.  And which I see a lot in our church of institution.

No matter how much it teaches otherwise.



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