Tax on Fish and Traitors

O.K so you want to know how I came by my Disciples, mostly I just asked and the first ones to join me were my friends the fishermen. There are other stories about how and who but this is it.


Though, according to John’s Memoirs I had come across John Andrew, Simon Peter and Nathanael just after my Baptism. However I called them formaly in different situations.

Each of the four Memoirs, (they called them Gospels, )were arranged to suite their situations and have various records of who and when I called my Disciples.

Nathanael was called by Philip when he was sitting under a fig tree and I made the mistake of saying he was guileless and then he said “Rabbi, you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” which wasn’t the best response because then I had to explain to the others that Nathanael was a little premature and they were to ignore it for now.( Dad was not amused with my silly statement) Then John decided to write that guff about ladders and angels and stuff. He was trying to link the situation with something Jacob experienced in the ancient times. Anyway I just asked them and some of them asked others.

I called my smelly fishermen, my friends from beside the Sea of Galilee while they were fishing: James and John the son’s of Zebedee, and Simon Peter and Andrew. All my Disciples were different though all from the underclasses or the hated ones.

Now here are their names, it will make more sense if I tell you who they were and why I called them rather than how or when.

Andrew, fishermanPeter fisherman
James fishermanJohn fisherman
Philip spoke Greek.Nathanael fisherman
Matthew Tax CollectorThomas the twin
My Cousin JamesSimon a Zealot sort of Politician
ThaddaeusJudas the betrayer

Much later, in the Memoirs, there were all kinds of mistaken identities and confusions over relationship. And it didn’t matter, just human exactamundo pulling apart my Father’s Work, after it was all done.

They were the Anawim, the lowest of the low but also they were the ones who looked forward to my coming. Whose hearts and minds were not closed to the Truth

Most were fishermen who would Fish for men – you get it? Fish for men with huge nets. Matthew used to work for the Romans and Taxed everyone and overcharged. We had a stinky Zealot who wanted to ditch the Romans. A twin who wanted evidence that I was alive. A relative. A traitor who was bribed to hand me over to the Romans.

These were the ones my father chose.

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