Peter and his Mother-in-Law

Jesus heals the mother-in-law of Peter, Rembrandt sketch

So far as I know both my Mother’s in- Laws were still living when I was born. Granny Cooper died at 60 – I was very young, about 3. I had asked my mother whether the Age Spots, had killed her – she said no, but I so much wanted the answer to be ‘yes’. I needed a reason.

Granny Cooper – She was fun, she took me on bus rides and I was happy. My dad was a drunk and took me to the Beer Gardens while he worked. He used to tell my mother we had been to cafes. and mum would ask how many.

O my friend where were you?

I was there – you were too young to know- it was her time. As for all of us – there is a time to die.

Even you? Yes even me!

Peter Decides.

She was sick with a raging fever, maybe sick unto death, and they called me to her. When I arrived she had struggled out to greet me because that was her role. It wasn’t just me but all my disciples.

Jesus, I don’t really understand, why would you turn her healing into a circus? You did heal her didn’t you? She didn’t die in your precence as my granny did?

I reached out and touched her and my spirit went in to her and she was well. My father’s Breath reached through me and she was well. Then she got up and fed the lot of us – we were all hungry.

Buddy – you have not called me that all day? – why now?

Because I begin to see, O my Friend I see TIME.

My dearest little one, what ever do you mean?

O my Jesus, my friend in all the world: I have. been selfish to make this all to do with me. Non of this is mine, it all happened long ago.

Hey! Did Peter decide to leave his wife and her mother to follow you? Yes, my little friend ,he did.

Not all smelly fishermen were poor, Peter and Andrew had quite a place, but still folk would not accept them, because, they said “even the money smelt like fish” Mum and Joseph relented somewhat and allowed us to play openly together. What they didn’t know didn’t hurt us.

Peter chose to follow me, as I knew he would, yet had to make that choice in the light of day. To choose between his family and the work my heavenly Father had for him to do.

All Peter knew of me was that his childhood friend had got religion and I needed him to help me. What religion I had got was misunderstood by all my disciples.

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