Polyandry serial 6

20th anniversary Wedded 1999

Last Wednesday on the date 21 August 2029, Jessica and I made our reaffirmation of those vows, followed by a reception provided by the Fellowship group.

Photos taken in the Community Garden

Jesus winded his way from Judah via Samaria, a journey no good Jew would do,even though it was the most direct route to Galilee.

( John 4:4 records that in order to reach Galilee it was necessary to pass through Samaria, although an alternative route through Peraea on the eastern side of the Jordan could have been taken.[Josephus spoke of this as the customary way of the Galileans going up during the feasts at Jerusalem. H. W. Watkins, in the 19th-century Anglican bishop Charles Ellicott’s commentaries, notes that the Pharisees “took the longer road through Peraea, to avoid contact with the country and people of Samaria”. Watkins suggests that the necessity to travel through Samaria was not a matter of geographical necessity but arose from Jesus’ purpose, to proclaim “the principles of true religion and worship … for all nations”. )


There was a very special reason for doing that. There was a woman at a well to meet. The town was Sychar where Jesus sat down at the well near the plot of land Jacob gave to Joseph. His disciples went into town to buy food. Jesus awaited , the Woman who would come for water there. (St Photini)

And so I waited, in the heat of the noon day sun where mad dogs and English men were unheard of, perhaps because they were not there. This woman came for water only at the heat of the day to avoid the other women who despised her. I was here to impart a special teaching, to dialogue with a Samaritan Woman whom I was not meant to be seen dead with.

I asked her for a drink, something that would be granted in any ordinary circumstance, this wasn’t quite ordinary since I was asking for drink from a Samaritan, enemy to my People, half Jews, spawn of Assyria -practicing a corrupted form of Judaism. Don’t get het up about it, I spoke Sumarea too! And I am allowed to say what I have said else nothing has a point. Anyway – it happened, read my memoirs in the first half of the Testament to hope.

As you must know, if you have read John’s Memoirs, Jews, or listened to me above, it became interesting for the indignant Samaritan Woman to contemplate granting me a drink.So I didn’t have an urn, how was I to get it? I pulled the scripted words from my throat – my Father had given me to say – Look woman, If you knew the gift of God, and who is asking you for a drink, you would ask me for a drink and I would give you living water. Not wet water!

Spiritual Water which keeps your soul forever. Just as the well is deep so the depth of Spiritual Truth drawn from it will cleanse you forever of your sins. Well she didn’t understand, the only thing on her mind was escaping with the water before the afternoon shift began to fetch theirs.

I was nearly in tears for she had walked through the dust of her sins, tired by her heavy burden, living through each day the wrong she must do to draw water to drink and to cleanse herself as though dust tricking down herself might be thise sins repelled by the water – but never – but never.That she might cleanse her stomach by virtue of water drunk – O never.

Anyone who drinks the water I have to give will never thirst, the water I shall give him shall become within him a well of water springing up into everlasting life “O give me this water forever” – thinking that forever might be wet enough to wash way her sins. At least save her the constant trips to the well -No the water that I will give her is eternal life. For I am that living water who gives eternal life to all who water the dust with those sins.( And you that have drunk have also cried for the pain you are to cause me)

Fetch your husband , I want to speak with him too. “I HAVE NO HUSBAND” Well I knew it. You have had 5 husbands, I was there, and this one isn’t your husband either.

Scary, well she changes the conversation to Politics – if in doubt bring up the Local Member for Sychar. Religion too. Where the appropriate Temple Mount is, yes she does have Alexander the Great to draw on as donater of Mt. Gerizim. But my Father’s Temple is me, the tricking down of all your sins will destroy me in a day and I will raise me up in three.

Suddenly she rushes off, as if every hound of hell was after dinner. “Come and see! One who told me everything I ever did is at the well-and I am saved because of the water he is.”

They came and saw and believed but not because you said so, collector of men, Joshua the Judge…is number 6.


Saint Photini, the Samaritan Woman

(February 26)

Iconographer: Luke Dingman

Saint Photini, the Samaritan Woman
(February 26)
Iconographer: Luke Dingman Saint Photini is known as the woman from whom Christ asked water at Jacob’s well. (John 4: 7) Jesus told her that He gave men living water and that true worship is of spirit and truth. She was the first Gentile to be converted and evangelized the Samaritans.  She, her two sons and her five sisters were arrested and taken to Rome under Nero’s orders for torture. There she converted the emperor’s daughter and members of his household before suffering many tortures for Christ’s sake.

Saint Photini, the Samaritan Woman
(February 26)
Iconographer: Luke Dingman

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