Religion that wins



I have always thought politics and faith don’t mix well.  Always seen the walk of Jesus as a lesson in how not to confuse the two.  Read the words as timeless wisdom in how not to chase the wrong stuff – to avoid letting the wrong things consume me.



Yet I see a number of posts accepting a union of politics and faith – encouraging the pursuit of political power by those of “faith” – which can only be demonstrated by “overt religiousness” – and that has been attacked forever as – too often – a convenient public mask.

(which begs the question: if that is “bad” – why is it looked-for as “good” in political wannabees?)



We have a new Prime Minister.  A kind of under-stated President role.  A British kind of “president” – just without the Twitter-shit (we hope).

And the past three years of never-ending BREXIT (for me) have been a wonderful example of why this apparent sought-after union of political wannabees demonstrating overt religiousness is something …

No self-respecting Christian should encourage.

I have no idea if Boris Johnson is religious or not.  I hope not.

Because if not – it allows him to be more sincere – more free.  And the renewed howls of outrage – because Parliament’s annual closure for the conference season has been brought forwards by four whole days – from a bunch of politicians who have high-jacked all government business for the past three years … I think it says a lot about the lot of them.  So I went to Facebook for a wee rant.



“Since June 23rd 2016 there has been an illustration of what most politicians and political parties do so well … exploit any and all scenarios for perceived personal gain. Three plus years of seeing our political class behave with little regard or any connection or empathy with those they represent (allegedly).

And now Boris. The perceived carnival clown who turns out not to be that at all. The squeals of righteous indignation from those who desire a protracted (eternal?) stale-mate no different to the squeals for the past three years.

I think Boris might just be onto something.  Something our “sovereign Parliament” is not and never has.  So I think he might actually achieve what the rest of this “sovereign” (and insulated from reality) shower are all terrified of – the unknown.  I don’t think Boris is scared, nor do I think him a Trump double-act. He is still an opportunist – but then they all are!!

But just maybe … just maybe come November 1st we might just look on him as the Churchill of our time.  So I say – close Parliament – send the squealers home – cut the carpet of interminable manoeuvring from under them – and let’s get a deal in order for us all to live again!!  Because when all is said and done –

None of them really care for anyone other than their own welfare.”



Politics and faith?

Oil and water.

And anyone who says different is in love with a religion that wins.

Just like it says in the bible – not!



3 thoughts on “Religion that wins

  1. Anyone who wants politics and religion merged should look at Csarist Russia, the Holy Roman Empire, post-Roman England, and America.

    I grew up in the America of the 60’s. Religion was in the schools – Protestant religion – Catholics and Orthodox not welcome. That is why churches had their own schools, they needed a place to be taught that they were not bad, not evil.

    Politics where Kennedy had to promise not to allow himself to be influence by the papacy in order to secure Democratic backing of the South. Nixon had to make no such promises about Quaker influence.


    • “That is why churches had their own schools … ” And still do across in the UK.

      There is a picture of a bunch of ministers in the Oval office, hands extended with a laying-on of Trump’s head and shoulders – I have used it in the posts. That image makes me very uncomfortable.

      There is a seeming “gimme-gimme” connection with power (of this earth) from the non-presidential-but-of-God ones – and (I am guessing) a perfectly (PR) considered photo opportunity of sincerity-and-humanity the other way.

      Quite where God is I am not at all sure.


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