We feed the mask-belief


We feed the mask belief. Its appetite voracious.
We feed the mask belief. Its hold tenacious.
We feed the mask belief. It’s our defence.
We feed the mask belief. It’s my last defence.
“I have to feed the mask”


What is the mask other than our carelessly constructed beliefs?  Received, gifted, assumed, and taught.  We think therefore we are, needs beliefs.  Needs a belief which is truth.  A belief that withstands scrutiny.  That can be defended.  That can be celebrated as truth.

We are lazy in our belief gathering.  Easier to join a club that believes as I do than to examine why I believe what I believe.  Much more comforting not to identify which beliefs contradict each other.  So much easier than learning which of my beliefs undermine each other.

Like Love.

A lazy belief we carry that says if you love me you would do this or that for me love.  An unexamined contradiction easier to “believe” than to question. And so love becomes what I need it to be.  And you must also.

Like atheists.  Like christians.  Like all who carry lazy beliefs that need.  Need you to agree I am right.  Need you to drop a lazy belief foisted upon you for another lazy belief I convince you is truth.

There is God (as defined and documented in the Law of The Bible).  There is no God (and the bible is neither fact nor “love” so on both counts proves there is no God).  Religion defends the faith.  Atheism defends human integrity.  Neither is of Love.

I believe in Love because I have had the power of Love proven to me time and time again. I might call them miracles large and small.  But miracles are another belief grounded in God (and we are back square one).  I might call them amazing to avoid the God debate, but then you would compare your amazing with mine (and find my amazing explainable by science).  And we are back to square one.

Which is why we resist, defend and attack.  No different to shared or individual physical properties we live to defend and overcome all attacks .  Which is why clubs of same/similar beliefs.  We reinforce our lazy beliefs and take comfort in being right.  Which is why clubs need rules.  Rules are right!

On you I will build my church.  The Great Commission.  All are with sin.  All must repent.

And so splintering of “on you” – of One – of Love without need or condition it so pure – so universal – so timeless – so achievable – so available …

If I allow.

And then we are back to square one.



I believe that is not God, nor The Bible, nor Love. Square one is not a journey, it is my comfort zone.  Square one is stagnation.  Square one is dying not living.  Square one is religion, is atheism, is all these clubs of lazy belief.  Clubs we seek out membership to every day.  We evangelise for membership (for atheism is a belief structure no different to that of “believers”).

And all we do is look smug.

And that is not Love at all.





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