We arrived hungry …


We drove to the tip of Cyprus yesterday.  Or as far as the roads made for hire-cars would allow.  The actual tip is a nature reserve.  I guess, to deter others like us from clogging-up the end of the island.  I guess, a lot like us consider it too much hassle and time to park-up and walk-up.  So we took the obligatory picture and headed back.




We had to jump on the brakes as we (almost) flew past this sign (we took the photo on the way out).  Restaurant and hotel AND beach!  Food AND a swim to cool down – perfect!

Long story short …

We left over six hours later after not only a late breakfast (lovely!), but an extended chilling-out on an almost deserted beach complete with sunbeds and umbrellas and toilets/showers AND a self-serve honesty bar!  And …



Thanks to the (assertive) encouragement of Mrs Paul, I enjoyed my first-ever fish pedicure (I’m that little dot in the distance on the rock)!  And …



Thanks to my enjoying this new experience so much – Mrs Paul found time for a lovely peaceful nap! And …



The owner – over a late lunch – told us he had bought the land 30 years ago.  Back then it was just vast sand-dunes (we drove past a load of those earlier).  He and his wife had fallen in love with the place during their own holidays.  So he bought 50 acres of (cheap) “sand-dunes” without telling her and built a house for them – also without telling her.

And the following year when they arrived to “sit and enjoy the view” (and dream a little) … he told her what he had done.

Much romancing followed!

Over the years trees were planted … sand-dunes were moved together(!) … more buildings added … people employed … and a restaurant and beach-bar were born … And the building continued – self-contained apartments – agriculture to feed the restaurant guests … more trees – and more learning how to work with what nature provided.  Not only that but he was very well-travelled with a wonderful stock of raucous stories.  And …

We also checked-out their apartments for a future visit – and more fish pedicures/naps on that gorgeous soul-recharging-deserted-beach.

We arrived hungry.

We left with full tums (and soft feet) – and so much more than we ever expected or sought to find.


This is the Word of the Lord.  Thanks be to God.




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