Data protection and adulthood



Two reasons for caring being someone else’s job.

The standard response “We can’t tell you … can’t speak about … are unable to confirm … are unable to discuss …” The “data protection” requirement of confidentiality both a strength and weakness.  Compounded by the other “not my job” element … “adulthood”.  That legal number whereupon we each become totally responsible for our actions and thoughts.

Data protection PLUS adulthood is an iron-curtain to compassion-humanity.

And then saying sorry.  No longer allowed as it opens-up liability perhaps prosecution and compensation (and probable demotion or disciplinary procedures for the apologiser).  We have been taught the appropriate response … “So we screwed up? No, we didn’t.  It wasn’t our fault. And even if it was that is for the courts to decide.  All I can do is give you the contact details for our complaints customer service department.”

And then troublesome children hooligans.  Now the government’s responsibility … or the police … or social welfare …  Now the responsibility of one or all these “agencies” and “partner agencies” which have assumed responsibility-ownership for the lack of parenting-society responsibility.  A society taught not to interfere.  Taught that these agencies “know best” and have the “resources” I don’t.  Agencies unable to share-care with anyone other than the “vulnerable victims” because of data protection and adulthood – and the inability to say sorry (just in case).

Oh – and add-in constant global-warfare between them and us about something somewhere.  A great reason for arming-segregating and suspicion-exclusion.  All of which means the cost of “that stuff” means … “We would love to spend more on (tick any box of humanity-caring) but we can’t.”  And we can’t say sorry either – and we can’t tell you all the details because of national security – and even if we could we wouldn’t because of data protection.  But rest assured that our priority is to make you believe we are keeping you safe / protecting our society / cherished way of life (at least enough so that you vote us back into power next time).



I read 1984 when I was a young chap.

That story so distant to how life was/is.  The details so totalitarian.  So uncaring.  So much … like so much of the sanitised version of society I see today.   An “acceptable version” of that storyline.  A society in which we have each been taught to look out only for number one – in which “putting our heads above the parapet” will result in us becoming a “victim” of violence.  A society in which we have been taught to fear.  A society teaching me that “they” sort things out.  That I will probably be prosecuted if I intervene.  And taught that my children can (maliciously) call an anonymous helpline – and the “agencies” will knock on my door because I am “guilty until proved innocent”.  A society that repeats the panacea of “lessons have been learned” every time a tragedy takes place (again).

I think we are being taught that we are only observers to our own community.

And then the church.  A church which preaches love without condition is impossible because I am (we all are) but sinners saved.  That I am infused with sin that makes love without condition impossible for me here on earth.  A place of pain and suffering in a society riddled with sin and evil.  A place to be endured before I die and find my home in heaven.  If I have agreed to be saved.

Added together THAT is a fine cocktail of man’s inhumanity to man.



And it is why the only on-message message I see in the bible is of love without condition now and here today and every day.  A bible that says love without condition IS The Way for me today and every day.  A bible that makes clear love without condition is not some impossible “aspiration” but a reality we can choose to love – or choose to make someone else’s obligation-job.

Because love without condition is easy.

All I have to do is stop being biblically correct as taught, and Love as shown.  Love as I am loved.  Love as I have always been loved.  Love as I know love even by the absence of love in my life.  Love without fear.  Love without condition.  Love with abandon.

“The predators and abusers and inhumane and poor will always be with you.”

Wasn’t the reason for NOT loving without condition.  Because there is NO reason for NOT loving without condition.  There never has been.

Even the bible says that!



3 thoughts on “Data protection and adulthood

  1. We are anonymous and do not exist, when we seek to deal with our own money, rete Internet,but enquiring by phone,you cannot answer one of the questions about yourself. Then they refuse to believe or do notbelieveyouareyou-even when I tell them:well I am in my account. Which can’t exist because there is doubt about me. Not to mention the INTERNET providers, I said not to mention them.
    Yet YHWH is with me and I
    I am.

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