How would we know



If the bible (and all sacred scriptures) were proven to be fiction and not “fact” … If the “handbook” (all of them) was unpicked and worthless … If it could be proven that the bible (and all sacred scriptures) were neither sacred not scripture …

Where then faith?

Every conversation I have relies upon the sacred scriptures and their validity – their truth – their holiness.  Every conversation comes back to the “evidence” within scripture.  Every conversation interprets the truth within.  Every conversation sources “the source” as its own evidence.

“Would you be interested in a free bible study?”

Every conversation assumes that more bible-study, more bible-diligence, more teaching (approved by Head office) will convince and convert.  All that is needed is time, a good teacher, and a willing pupil.  A willing “follower”.

So what if “the source” was no more?  What if “scripture” was found to be the greatest hoax ever?  What if being a “Christian Country” … a “Muslim Country” … a country nominated as this or that “faith” was no longer valid?  What would we talk about … what would we teach … how would we know we are on the road to our salvation and eternal life?

The more conversations I have the more I find going “bible-blind” to be the answer.

“The greatest of these is …”



Even without the bible I knew that.  All the people who have been “significant moments” in my life have been of Love.  Strangers, friends, family, mentors, teachers … All are grounded in Love.  All are grounded in kindness.  All value themselves as well as me.  All of them taught me that Love is always the answer.  And yet looking back over many such moments …  None were of the bible or sacred scriptures.  All were of the moment.  All were of something connecting.  All were of Love.

Love transcends religion and faith.  Love is not bound by denomination or creed.  Love is greater than death and Love is of creation.  Love is of the moment at any moment with anyone and anywhere.

This world is not stuffed with sin.  This world is stuffed full of Love.  A word we prefer to whisper.  A word we prefer to tarnish with sex and sweat and power and victim.  A word we have made “cheesy”.  A word we have made an embarrassment to talk of publicly.

God is not the “white elephant in the room” – God is talked of – God is justification for killing – God is validation for division – God is global and God is secular.  We all talk about God.  We all argue about God.

But Love … ?

Love is seen as weak not strong, as sentimental not focused, as a distraction not a life-force.  Love is as breathing is to life.  Yet we have suppressed and diminished and trivialised and tarnished the lifeblood of our souls.

I think we should live without needing the bible (and all sacred scriptures) to justify who we love and who we don’t.  Who we connect with and who we don’t.  Who we need to save and who we don’t.

“The greatest of these …”

Is all around and everywhere and all the time.  It is in the chatter of a bird … the smile of a child … the kindness of a colleague .. the gift of a stranger … It is a thought in my mind … a smile in my eye … a kindness in my heart … a touch without touch … Love saves and love brings life.  All in a moment.  In every moment.

If I allow.




4 thoughts on “How would we know

  1. A baby is born and the first thing it does is to reach out and hug whomever touches it. A baby loves everyone it encounters, so long as the person doesn’t harm it. Somewhere along the line someone taught the baby to hate. Hate is not natural, it must be taught. Bible or not love is natural. Jesus simply tried to teach us to behave as we were created. If we hadn’t learned to hate then the Bible would have been unnecessary. Buddha taught love. Confucius taught love. Gandhi taught love. Muhammed taught love. It was their followers who corrupted the teachings and taught their followers to hate.

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