Surrounded by more crap than almost any of us



Is Trump the devil and evidence of the end times now being upon us?  Is the world spinning out of control and to eventual extinction?  Can we save the world or have we gone beyond the point of no return?

I read in the bible – from which such apocalyptic (apoplectic?) timelines are decoded by those qualified in that brand of theology – that it is and we are.  All that is left is to believe before you burn.  But better be quick about it.



I read in the bible about this fella Jesus.  The ruling powers were far less tolerant than Trump.   No walls for them.  Just armies of occupation and converts to appeasement.  Along with death.  Death that was neither quick nor painless.  Oh – and slavery – and the very rich and the very poor – and a religious establishment (the likes of which make “ours” look like a pantomime circus).   And – I read in the bible – this Jesus became a walking target.  No need for a price on his head – sanctioning death was for free.  A trumped-up charge and off with his head.   Or strung-up on a cross.  Or any other manner of offing those deemed in need of offing.

I read in the bible that didn’t faze this Jesus or his followers.   He walked and talked, taught and preached, healed and fed, connected and challenged.  All that from this  same bible we seem obsessed to prove how little time we have left!

But this fella Jesus.



By the time he made the news he had three years left.  And (if he is the son of God) then he knew his earthly clock was ticking – he was plugged-in to the political scene around him – he was aware of the Romans and the Temple Industry and the non-Chosen People encroaching from all sides – he saw the empires and wealth and power of man against man – he lived with all that inhumanity – it was in his face – up close and personal – a reality every day.  I read all that in the bible.

The same one we use to put the fear of God into others today.

And what did he do?  He was gentle.  He was connected.   He challenged them in that time and place to love (with no conditions) – imagine that: To Love!  Just as the bible challenges us today.

He lived and breathed the inhumanity, the injustice, the easy to voice and believe “This planet is done for!”  He was in the end-times of a mere three years.  And yet …

The greatest of these is … you have seen it written but I say … don’t let you own convictions be a roadblock to others … no one will know when …  don’t sweat the small stuff …  be kind … don’t stress about personal finances and material “stuff” … be kind to yourself, to each other, and to me … something connects all of us … no one will ever know when …  your faith has made you well … of course you can see again … of course you can walk again … of course you have hope …

Surrounded by more crap than almost any of us nowadays – who live inside social media – always-on global news.  We surround ourselves with doom and gloom both real and edited – we cling to each other as we decode the end-times – we tell each about Armageddon when we get our just(?) reward – we stress about who we can get to join us – we stress about who we can’t – we stress about The Evil One –  And we still argue about who is right and who is wrong.



Back in the Gospel times they had that sussed.  The religious establishment was right.  Being The Chosen People has no room for back-sliders.  Being The Chosen People required conformity-adherence-rules-obligation-duty-gratitude.  And sacrifice-burden- steering clear of those who might infect my Chosen-ness with your infectious sinful ways.

I read in the bible that Jesus challenged all that qualified-establishment-institutional-stuff.  I read that he connected with anyone and everyone.  He saw inside those he walked amongst.  That labels weren’t his thing – all were “chosen” (healed?) if they allowed.  All could know love-eternity-God o’clock right here right now by simply  allowing.

I read that he knew his end-times and cared not a jot.  He cared for now – this moment.  He cared for those he met and was kind even with those who disagreed – even with those who sought his death.

He was onto something with “The greatest of these”.

So I wonder why we are still fighting to make “that” apply to anyone but “me”.




5 thoughts on “Surrounded by more crap than almost any of us

  1. Every age has it’s devil, we’ve had more than our share. I remember Reagan was the devil, as was Bush 2, now Trump. Interesting how it’s never liberal leaders who are seen in this light.

    Out of the U.S. I’ve heard Saddam, Quadaffe, Bin Laden, even Netanyahu. We seem never to run out of people willing to point the finger, nor targets at which to point. Of course, with one finger pointing forward three are pointing back.

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