Cracking the code … What code?



When I was a child I thought like a pedestrian
When I was a young man I sought out an instructor
I then thought like a learner-driver.

When I passed my test I was free to go anywhere
And found that alone with my car
I had to learn to Drive.



When I was a probationary driver I knew it all
And then found drinking and driving is not good.

When I was a more careful driver I knew it all
And found that I was judging everyone else.

When I grew into a Driver I got The Law
I questioned The Law

I break The Law
When it is safe.



Because as I got The Law I understood The Law.
The Law is there to keep me safe.
To keep you safe.

It is a minimum standard for all because
Mostly all that keeps us from dying or killing … ?

Are white lines on the road, lit bulbs at junctions,
Small kerbs along pavements (sidewalks), the law …

And my own respect for the sacredness of life.


It used to be the fear of being caught.


I drive a killing machine every time I get behind the wheel.
It has the power in my hands to destroy indiscriminately.

I have that power.
But I choose not to use it.

I choose to protect life.
All life.



And behind my windscreen (shield) strapped in safe
Distanced from others in my choice of metal bubble –

I don’t know whether you are worthy or not.
I don’t know if you are gay or not.

I don’t know if you believe what I believe.
It is not my role to judge you

And then cut you up
Or allow you in.

That is not being a Driver.

And I don’t need to refer to the manual highway code all the time.

That is not being a Driver.


I am A Driver

I Drive.



4 thoughts on “Cracking the code … What code?

  1. Well now we know where we stand. I am fortunate to have never been permitted to drive because of my fslling nto the fire a lot- get it needs a lot of prayerthat one. Epilepsy. Very annoying though knowing the highway code inside out when all the motorists act as though they got their licences from a cornfake box. The point of view of mrs Andrew who seems to spend most of her driving day driving through vehicles parked on the crossing – not really but it gives them a fright as they see this huge contraption heading straight for them. And the entire crew creep backwards over respective double white line they shouldn’t have crossed in the first place.

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