Always remember and never forget



One of the things about this species, of which I am one, is how we really push the envelope in everything always.

I’m sure the motivation behind Human Rights Legislation was found in pushing the envelope of human kindness.  Just as I’m sure what we have done with it since is to push the envelope of “Me Me Me!”

I have rights.

And what was intended to right-the-wrongs of those viewed as surplus – as cannon folder – as the dregs of humanity … Well, it seems this legislation has become just another abuse of that same privileged convenience – just without the perception visible abuse of privilege.



I have rights is equality in action.  I have rights is applied equally.  Not.

Which is why the banking industry, financial advisers, legal big-wigs, accountancy consultancies all command big fees to find loopholes.  Pushing the envelope again.  I have rights again.

The right to push the envelope.  To find and exploit loopholes.  And to blame someone else who does not have the same “Human Rights” as I do.  Because it’s not my fault that’s my right.



Take sin (I wish someone would).  Why do bad things happen?

Adam and Even and the talking serpent (and in a good argument “God” for letting all that develop).  Not my fault – I have rights.  Small problem … God has bigger “rights” than me.  God made me so God owns me.  That’s the Law.  But there’s a loophole.  Get saved – according to what God we define as saved and document as necessary and sincere – and God will forgive you.

Important Clauses:
a) as we are still but sinners saved we might get pissed-off with you and exclude you on the grounds of our own rules wellbeing and spiritual purity.  Which is not our fault.  It’s the Law.
b) when you’re saved you have the same loophole because sin is the fuel which drives this whole God-Thing.   It’s our human right to be sinners and we will defend that right against all-comers.
c) always remember – if you take away sin – it’s down to me.  And that would never do.
d) But most important of all – always remember and never forget: the Bible says – and the bible is God – and that’s a fact.



The Greatest of These isn’t above the Law or the bible or above anything.  The greatest of these is the reason why all the rest.

And that – I think – is what we purposely and intentionally miss.  We don’t want to love without condition.  That is the one envelope we seem disinclined to “push”.  So we have the Law – and sin – and God.  In that order.  And this species, of which I’m one, has evolved to intertwine God most wonderfully in this secular / religious culture we enjoy …
1) All life is at our disposal (very biblical).
2) We cannot be expected to get everything right (again very biblical).
3) The poor will always be with us (brilliant bible quote).

A species that pushes the envelope on everything but one thing:

The greatest of these.

And yet – talk to those on the margins of society – whose Human Rights are way down the pecking order.  Who have nothing (allegedly).  Who share what they haven’t got because having nothing is a way of life.  Who have all the time in the world because having time comes with this life.  Who choose homelessness because they know the damage they cause trying to fit-in.  Who never chose to have nothing – but have nothing anyway.  Who are simply two or three choices from where I am right now.

I have seen many with a better grasp of the greatest of these in this “margin”.  But hang on a moment.  I see it in some who go to church each Sunday.  But hold your horses another second.  I also see that in some who don’t.

Which, if evidence is needed, leads me to conclude –

I am able to live “the greatest of these” right now and always –

If I allow.



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