A reaction to this morning’s Facebook



Look for sin
Or look for dirt.
Is there a difference?

Look for the worst
Look for sin –
Tell me the difference.

The splinter in your eye
The log in mine –
That comes from the bible.



Believing in God or no-God
To be a disser-dismisser
A picky-pin-pricker – 

That’s me not God
That’s me not you
That’s me – we choose

Bursting bubbles and bringing down
Is so much easier from behind
My keyboard.

A status-update. A post-recycled.
A comment. A like.
A share. Without a care.



How did we get here – how to go back.
Teaching our children to rant and abuse.
Teaching our children it’s okay to choose
Never to pause – but a thoughtless

F**k You!

Whack Whack Whack!

Look for sin
Or look for dirt.
Abusing the bible
Or Facebook updates …
Is there really a difference?



The greatest of these
Is not “A Command” nor “The Law” –
The greatest of these
Is my sanity and yours – 

The greatest of these
IS the difference.

If I allow.



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