Telling no one is not “telling no one”



Don Merritt wrote about “Who do you say I am?” … “Tell no one” the other day.

As I read Don’s post I was struck by the other “Tell no one” passages.

All the many heal-ees who were invited to “tell no one” after they jumped up … ran around … were whole and hearty and healed.



The disciples told no one. The others told everyone. One bunch we read of today. The other we never hear of again.

Which brings me to The Grate Commission and the wrangling by scholars over “was it or wasn’t it?”  Was it the addition of words put into Jesus’ mouth by the Gospel – or was it words out of Jesus’ mouth into the Gospel.

I am not a fan of The Grate Commission.  It is easy to “show and tell”.  The only skill is showing and telling so as to to get another’s approval – church – church leadership – congregation – etc.

But it is much more difficult to be (and be and be more after that).

In response to that thought I am usually told that some have a gift for evangelising and preaching.  Except the response is almost always a criticism of my reservations about the Grate Commission.

It’s just … almost every time I am told about “God” and Jesus and the bible (or any faith and sacred writings) “it” gets in the way.   Because I am almost always told about a small (BIG) god … a conditional (UNCONDITIONAL) god … a god with claws and clauses to fear and worship.

I can share with people about life, the universe, and what may lie beyond.  Love always  features highly.  Love seems to be universal in all walks of life.  In Love there is much to agree.  Love is kind and … all that.

And at some point we get to “sacred texts” and almost always diverge.

Love is never enough.  Love is a lopsided, transactional, written-down-rules kind of thing.  Love is to be earned (even though we cannot) … Love is to be given (even though it was before I knew Love) … Love is complicated and sacrificial and “church speak” when we get to the sacred texts … Love becomes obligation and burden and all that “man-made” stuff.

Tell no one.

The disciples didn’t … We are walking with the Son of God. The Son of Man. Jehovah. God Himself. We are in the presence of God. And we will tell no one. We will stay in the presence of God and we will tell no one. That is how it is. And that is okay with us.

The heal-ees did … Look at me! I am healed and hearty and whole again!  Get a load of this – check me out – look at me – look what He did!  He picked me – me I tell you!  No one else did – but he picked me and look at me now!  I am off to get a job, get a girl, get married and have a great life!  I have been saved and my faith (and Him) healed me! 

Tell no one.

I know some who cannot keep a secret:  Guess what we are planning for you … Can’t say too much but I know you are going to be blown away when you find out … Pack warm clothes if I was you … Don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Tell no one.

Telling no one is not “telling no one”. 

Just a different kind of telling no one.

A relationship thing.  A relationship difference.  A respect and sensitivity and love kind of thing.

I have heard of ministers who offered their “condolences” to grieving parents who lost a child to suicide – shame they’re not with God!  Taking life – even my own – is a sin.  I have heard of many who knock on doors to tell the occupant of this Gift of God (so long as they come along to that brand of god).  I hear so many times that more bible study is the way to God – bible study guided by a particular brand of god (who will provide evidence so I don’t have to).

Tell no one.

And then there are those I ask.

What is that in you that attracts me?  Who do you turn to when the shit hits the fan?  How do you stay so calm?  How can you be so forgiving?  Why do you never get cross with me?  How can you love me even when there’s nothing in it for you? 

Tell me – I want what you have!

It gets overlooked doncha think?



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