Happy Birthday!



We have a birthday celebration today –

“give the gift of pure indulgence”

Millennials, I am told, go for Instagrammable experiences.  I suppose it’s not that different to the retro picture of “blowing the candles out” we always did when ours were younger.

And there are some who don’t celebrate birthdays at all.  No evidence of that in the bible I am told.  Just like Christmas.  Borrowed from the pagans – so can’t use that either.

I have no comment other than this.



if there is a right way and wrong to read the bible – why not read with love to find love rather than with correctness to find truth?  It’s easy to find truth be right.  You just have to do what someone else says is the truth right.  But to be love …

That is the gift (and receiving) of pure (incorrect and correct) indulgence!

And the God I read about – the God I know – isn’t concerned with “being correct”.

He is Love is indulgence is delight is freedom is I Am.



So why do we insist our version of the truth is “correct”?


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