It no longer registers


“I am prone to facial spots.

A teenage affliction – not a “six-decader” affliction.  It marks me out(!!) – colleagues and family and friends … their eyes are irresistibly drawn to look/glance/away.

We mature grown-ups cannot help but be drawn to impediment and/or difference.

But it isn’t the glance.

It is the absence of anything but the glance.”


Across at Church Set Free is not a zit discussion – but a a few thoughts on what “become childlike” actually means.


“A child doesn’t register if I am rich or poor, handsome or ugly, competent or fearful, bigoted or inclusive, gay or hetero, religious or atheist … But a child knows if I am happy or sad, angry or calm, ill or healthy, connecting or withdrawn, fun or boring … And THOSE “registers” are immediate AND immediately reversible …

Because in the moment is what I am.

Nor is that connection tarnished in them as in our accumulated “baggage of living”.

Children are blind to so much we are not.”



“Become childlike”  paulfg

Why not pop across and see what you think?


Thank you.



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