Happy Imperfect Christmas!


Christmas is a time for rushing around and all that stuff we (try and) smile our way through.  That mix of emotions … “If this is the time of love why do I feel so stressed trying to make everything perfect?”



Our eldest daughter and I have a tenuous tradition.  We go food-shopping in the  supermarket on Christmas Eve afternoon.  We might both have a few bits left to get – but we go mainly for the stressed-out crowds of last-minute-shoppers.  All that (we should be) “Ho Ho Ho” … that (is it really about) “Goodwill to all men and women” … all the (really irritating) soppy films – the (if I hear one more) Christmas tunes – the (sod that – I haven’t got time for) happy smiling faces.

We go to smile – to chat with those struggling – to share a kind word with the hard-working shelf-stackers – to “be” what Christmas is without the stress.  I have no idea how that tradition started or why we keep it going.

We just do.



And then there is “momming”.

Which is not just for Christmas – but for every day (and night) of the year – and a post by Heather Brian:

“Despite the craziness and chaos, I truly am grateful.  I wouldn’t trade this role in life for anything.  But we all see life from different perspectives, and when you’re in it, when your steeped in your day to day, before you know it, you’re overwhelmed, and you just wonder if anyone else can relate.  You just want to align your heart with someone else’s in those moments.

To the mom crying in carpool…I see you.”
Momming, Rerouting Life


I See You.



Once again I find myself sitting here “steeped” in wonder.  How Love is such a central theme to so much of our daily living.  Whether it be “Momming” or “Christmas” – whether it be the loss of someone so Loved or the absence of “Momming” so desired …

But what “Momming” triggered this morning is how we so easily feel guilt.  When we are “steeped in (y)our day to day” – when we don’t appreciate every moment as we should – when we have something so precious – when there are others dying inside for not having what we have …

Love is not of guilt.  Christmas is not of making everything perfect.  Love is not of perfect.

Love is.

“It’s knowing that despite the times they act like they hate you, you really are their biggest hero.”

Thank you Heather!

Happy Imperfect Christmas!




6 thoughts on “Happy Imperfect Christmas!

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  2. Those who love God and those who say they are Christian and as such should follow Christ, should abstain from that heathen festival with Santa Claus, feer, Christmas trees and so many things which have nothing to with Christ Jesus and are even against the Wish of God.

    Better take the time to gather in love with each other and sharing the love of God with others.


    • “Better take the time to gather in love with each other and sharing the love of God with others.”

      I wonder why the you deem the two exclusive to each other. Happy Christmas 🤗🤗🤗


      • I do not consider those two to be exclusive to each other, but consider that both have to be taken serious when one wants to call oneself a lover of God but also a lover of Christ and follower of Christ or Christian.

        By the Christians we can find lots of them in West and Eastern Europe who show their hate to others very clearly, even going so far that they want to destroy other religious people for ever (and in the previous century had already placed many in camps to do the most horrible things with them.) This century in our regions we see a frightening trend of that Nationalist feeling booming again, once more crying out to go against all immigrants and against non-Christians as well as against non-Arians. (History seems to repeat itself.) So where is that so called love for others of those who claim they are Christian?


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