Bigger than a usual day


A newborn baby – a new life finally birthed – a creation more than creation … It’s all about Love.  It’s about gratitude.  It’s all about the moment.  It’s all about family.



We never thought will this child be gay or straight.  Never pondered which religion or faith. Not a thought as to a successful career.  We had no space for any of the things I see argued over.  We had no thought for correct or incorrect beliefs.

Today is a celebration of good stuff.  Of love and family.  Of relationship and connection.  Of a baby symbolic or real it matters not.  Today is not a time for debate or rhetoric or belief wars.

Nor is tomorrow.  Or the day after that.  Or the day after that.  Or the day …

I think today more important than the cross.  For today is about Love not sacrifice.  About creation not death.  About something pure and universal.  And a moment without all the sin that is shoved into everything like packing into parcels.

To fill the empty spaces.



Christmas Day.

Today is about Love.  Not to fill the empty spaces.  But Love that is overflowing outpouring never-ending universal connecting uplifting empowering life-sustaining Love.

Today is about Love.

Happy Christmas Happy Xmas Happy Holiday Happy Festive Regular Working Extra Lonely Intensely Painful Loving Irrelevant Ordinary twenty-four hours somehow bigger than a usual day.

Today is about Love.





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