Mr and Mrs Andrew and advent.

It has been a tumultuous Advent, something we truly would have delighted to have Lent take for a holiday.

This entire Advent season I have been thinking we were in Lent. I even said to my Pastor at Bible study that I would love some of the readings to be closer to the Cross.

Well, it might seem for us that our days these past few months have been closer to the foot of the Cross than the Crech.

I may have mentioed that Mrs Andrew’s Pituitary Tumour woke up in August and with it weekly doses of radiation and chemo, both together. Then a whole host of Basal Cell Carcenomas began to weedle their way to the outside after a chemotheraputic ointment was applied.

Yet we are alive and Christ lives within us.

The little one born to die is as close to the cross that anyone might like to be, yet amid the joy of the new born King is our knowledge that he lived and died to set us free to love – as he first loved us.

What a conundrum, as God looks on God lying in a manager, surrounded by creatures created by the little babe, who is God.

Within the relationship of God within God, what might have been the conversation that sent God the Son into the World to die for his creations.

Was Christ yet a son? Still the Logos? Writing itself into salvation’s history by speaking itself to give God to die for Logotic Words arisen from God’s Mind?

Well it doesn’t really matter at this stage since we all have one more year to follow Jesus, hear the message and to do Love as he first Did.

Each year Jesus is born anew into our world – until the time when he comes fully grown to sort sheep from goats and lovingly guides them all home.

2 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Andrew and advent.

    • Likewise – God bless you. We enjoyed a St. Stephen’s Day walk top the beach this morning for a coffee and chat, finishing up in the Supermarket for bread – Tuesdays so we bought buns instead. Christmas sees us with far too muich food for two, enough to go onto my birthday in January 20 – when I receive my Aged pension, another milestone. Christmas was not merry as in tipsy but was happy.


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