Am I doing things right



You can go your own way

My eldest brother called life a conveyor belt … Our grandparents died … Our parents died … Our turn next … Our children’s after us … And theirs after them … My youngest brother might have disagreed except he fell off the conveyor belt years before mum and dad and the rest of us.

“To me, this is part of what Jesus meant when he said that heaven belongs to such as these.  Adults go in and out of religion and the story/teachings of Jesus.  Children are always in awe.  While I stand firm in my faith/belief, I have had times when I get bored with the religious services, ordeal of the holy days, the constant questioning if “I am doing things right”. The Modern Theologian commenting under “It’s all so unnecessary”

Am I doing things right?

The taught “DNA” we pass from one generation to another (like sin).  The self-judging we are taught as we are “socialised”.  The “fitting-in” we pass from generation to generation (just as we teach sin).

Sin no more.

Always taken as an instruction rather than a statement.  Always passed on as an instruction rather than a statement.

You have seen it written but I say I say that is a statement … Sin IS no more.

Because sin as a biblically correct “instruction” is something over which I have no control – or why teach it through the ages?  BUT having “no control” is not a “God-concept” I see in the bible.  That God doesn’t bind me with anything that I don’t choose to be bound by.

So make it a statement:  Sin (is) no more!

And I am freed of this (taught religious) millstone around my neck and can go my own way … I am free of “Am I doing things right?” and can leave my imaginary conveyor belt …

And I can become who I am … Childlike.

The best of childlike.  

A child who has no concept of so much we teach as correct.  Like … “Are we there yet”  That childlike frustration with the (not a) moment (at all).  Because moments are for living – not for being strapped into a car-seat.  That is an adult thing to (finally) get me to where they want me to be (several hours later):

“Look child, here we are!”

And childlike … released from the constraints of fitting-in (to a car-seat) … is immediately and once again in the moment …

Wow … Wow  … and WOW again!



Am I doing things right is not a childlike concept.  Nor is being on a conveyor belt.  Nor is sin.

We teach childlike these adult concepts.  We make beliefs facts (biblically correct  “fact”) – facts that we have to teach childlike – that we have to teach and teach again:

Sin is real … Doing things right is necessary … The conveyor belt is unavoidable … And no – you are not there yet.

Sin no more.

But freed of “sin” what is left … ?

Love without condition.

Because love WITH condition is not love at all – merely another adult concept we have taught childlike:

“Love is not enough – you need rules – conditions.”

And with that one “teaching” we dismiss the whole bible.



We replace Love with rules and God with sin.  We separate us from God as we separate ourselves from each other and call that being saved.  An adult concept that demands that childlike is expelled.  And the consequence is that none of us can go our own way – all are bound by religion.



And we name that “love” … ?

Sin no more.
Love is the greatest.
You have seen it written.
The least amongst you.
Become childlike.



Isn’t THAT “biblically correct”?




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