If it ain’t Insta-ble it ain’t worth it


Happy New Problems to you all –


We have done with the cost in energy, money, and personal space we call the festive season.  We survived the “family dynamics” either scathed-unscathed.  Work was put down (or not) and picked up again (or not).  And we survived – we now have normal again.  Normal problems.  The problems of modern society.

The same problems but now “new” because we put them down for a week or more and – surprise, surprise – they are still here.

A new year.  A new decade.  Another number-date we face with something new inside us.


This will be the year we …

(will probably get to this same mental-emotional state in twelve months time – and repeat the cycle again – and again)



I remember the millennium.  That counting to one thousand before counting again.  I remember all the imagined chaos and strife – the hopelessness of it all – the arguments about was it really the end and the beginning – or the continuation of the counting.

I remember going to bed way before midnight as usual.  Slept like a log until the obligatory firework firestorm on the hour (helped the climate heal).



This year the same.  Great sleeping until the shock and awe at one second past midnight.  And then the following morning (or afternoon) the same old same old – just with the addition of how this new year was meant to be new and fresh – and yet …



The counting of twenty-four hours does for me.  Sleep time.  Wake time.  Living time.  A ton of moments to face and embrace.  Then yawning time and sleep time again.  It is enough for me.  Moments of challenge, routine, difference, hope, love, happiness, pain, sadness … moments of energy and moments of weariness … moments the same and moments not.  Each moment a new dawn – a new choice to make – always forgiving of the last – each a gift for me to embrace or to discard.



In the drop of time given to me by my own creation I cannot and will not change the world.  I cannot and will not save the global population of it’s fetishes and phobias.  The climate may well warm too fast, the oceans rise too soon and the earth be exhausted of its resources.  The politicians my well help-hinder with intended-unintended consequences.  We may all take more than we need and discard the scraps of our living.  We may be strong or we may be weak.

All I can be is who I am.

The only thing I can be is who I am.

And who I am and what I am is determined not by “problems” but by how I face each moment.  How I embrace or reject each moment.  How I look in or connect-out.  How I am energised or exhausted.  How I own each moment and my response – or how I blame “someone-something” for expecting that I should even live moments that I don’t want, that I can’t and that I won’t.



My parents thought my young world was scary.  Their parents thought my parents’ a madhouse.  And their parents before them.

I can buy-into that mindset.  Or I can live my moment.  Living that gives me twenty-four hours to sleep and wake and live and yawn before sleep again.  Living that brings me more moments than I could ever wish for every day!  Moments that are filled with everything good and great that I could ever hope for.  Moments that allow me to choose how I respond.  To choose the sensuous indulgence of this second – or choose to be overwhelmed with horror (of what went and what is to come).

To live the internal mayhem I imagine is all around me.  Mayhem over which I have no control.  Mayhem brought to me in a twit-tweeting, a post-parading, a status-update of upmanship.  A media mask we kid ourselves is the new normal …

If it ain’t Insta-ble it ain’t worth it.



I love this world because I am gifted so many moments.

Politicians and global economies don’t fix things – nor church or religion either.  My local council or local hoodlums are not my enemy.  My boss and her/his scrooge-like attitude to my raise (not!) aren’t.

My choice in each moment is what heals or hurts – is what changes me or keeps me  static – overwhelms me or is me in (but not of) this world.

Happy New Problems?

My only problem is being spoilt for choice in how to face-embrace-reject each moment!

And that is not “a problem” at all!




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