I am offended!



Creation or evolution?

Does it matter the imagined origins – doesn’t it matter more where we are today?  Why focus on where we imagine we came from – why dismiss where we have journeyed to and where we are journeying towards?

We are evolving into a species easily offended-wounded-upset-hurt.  That is evolution of indulgence-complacency-arrogance.  And science-history tells us that THAT evolution never ends well for any species.

I have great sympathy with the LGBTQ+ movement.

I find Love trumps scriptural (in)correctness every time.  I think Love trumps all else.  I think that is the only scriptural-scientific-correctness worth following.  And yet …

I keep seeing sexual preferences having to be included or else offence is taken.  A politician running for the Labour leadership announced she was pansexual.  I have no idea what that means.  Our daughter is a whizz on google!

Apparently, it means that the gender of one I have a relationship with (which must include physical-sexual) is not tied to any gender.  That I can have a deep and meaningful loving (physical) relationship with anyone I fall in love with.  Which makes me pansexual.  Which I must then announce to the world (using a label that includes the word sex – obviously).  And that I will be offended if you take offence.  So my label is validated and must be accepted.  Our whizzy daughter thinks it nuts.

I have great sympathy with the trend towards veganism.

Our whizzy daughter is vegan and we still love her.  She has taught us that veganism is not just being a picky eater.  Not just one who will scan the ingredients of our food larder and dismiss entire meals for the sake of one tiny insignificant animal-based detail.  But one who lives a life of kindness to living things eaten-worn-made-lived-with.

Yet some activist went to court (funded massively by others) to establish a ruling that veganism was a belief system equal to all religious-protected-in-secular-law beliefs.  And that being sacked for refusing to compete certain tasks which were against a vegan’s beliefs was unfair dismissal – allegedly.  He won the principle in court but has yet to face an employment tribunal ruling on his unfair – allegedly – dismissal.  Our whizzy daughter thinks it nuts.

There continue to be endless articles from those of religious belief (protected in secular-law) who trash this world and all in it.  Who trash our human species AND this earth on which we all live.  Who have given up hope of “hope” in anything.  Who preach for the end of this planet and all in it (excluding those of the same belief as their protected in secular-law belief).  Which – allegedly – is scripturally correct: the end times – the tea-leaf swilling of Revelation – the bible decoding – the (correct?) belief that I can diss my God and His Creation – diss all His Creations in their billions – diss this amazing Garden we have been gifted (in a Universe of trillions of sterile gardens).

I think they are nuts.



We have so many offended people in this world who think transaction is the only solution to their happiness: I believe this or that – so I deserve this or that I label myself this or that – so I must be respected for the label I invented I am me – I am a category-pigeon-hole-label – hear me for who I am the label I am.

The greatest of these comes label-free.

And comes offence and offended-free … doesn’t require me to be a Christian or religious or to carry a burden of qualified theology … doesn’t require me to be seen to be correct and fitting-in of all that is the institution of religion and faith (of any and all kinds).

Love is bigger and better than all that.  Love is stronger and more resilient than all that.  Love is infused in us before we are even born.  And especially as we are born. And more so after we are born.  And become childlike.  Way before we are taught that  transaction is “love”.

Creation or evolution?

Love is Creation AND Evolution.

The only thing creation and evolution focus on is embracing each moment.  And that is where Love lives.  Love that is kindness-gentleness-openness-acceptingness.   Love that is easy-forgiving-requires no language of words at all.  Love that requires no qualification of cleverness.  Love that protects us and this planet in all we do and think and say.

Love that is who I am.  Who we all are.

And Love (not transaction) is both creation and evolution that will save us and this wonderful planet.

If we I allow.



2 thoughts on “I am offended!

  1. I chose the Eastern side of Christianity because, unlike the Western side, it has no conflicts with science. Religion tells us that God made the (multi?) universe. Science tells us how it works, and tries to figure out how it actually happened. If God’s word created a singularity then how much more amazing is it that he created this instance in time where energy formed matter?

    I have no sympathy towards LGB, Veganism, or whatever new thing comes out. I accept them, that doesn’t require sympathy, just understanding, and, as you said: love. I lose sympathy when these “things” (no offense intended, just trying to cover all basis with a poor English language) tell me that I must accept them, or that I must give up my ways/beliefs and adopt theirs. Everyone must have the same rights to freedom of beliefs, otherwise no one does.

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    • Thank you – I use “stuff” a lot for “things” 🙂

      ” Everyone must have the same rights to freedom of beliefs, otherwise no one does.”
      And I think that the “science” of love is not what love is – but how we apply that equality in everyday living..

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