Sorry – I’m unworthy




I used to be a follower and now I think I’m not.
I used to want to follow The Master and now I do not.
I used to hear the teachings and tried to walk that way
And found much of these teachings just so got in the way.

Gatherings together in church I was taught’er
Good Christians really really ought’er
Gatherings of Good Christians is “The Bible Says” glue – 
It binds Christians closer  – so is what Good Christians do.

‘Cos we know Sin is in us all – so we all need to be all saved
And we know Sin’s in us still – so we all have’ta huddle close
In worship and praise we repent in prayer – all in our neat rows
‘Cos that’s a Good Gathering – that’s what a Good Christian craves.

We crave a good pastor and a great worship event
We crave a happy-hour passing in double-quick time – 
Some (fine) singing and (short) praying – with a sermon (just fine) – 
So we come out all healed – all our souls in fine Christian Ascent!

Gatherings together in church I keep being told
Is what Good Christians must do.
Or else my Shining Light goes out

And I wander away from You.



But what if these Gatherings are this “dangerous place”?
What if these Gatherings daren’t look in Your face?
What if these Gatherings are all about Us –
Being seen to be Good Christians (who would never ever cuss)



All dressed-up fine in our fine Sunday best
All fitting-in to this weekly Sabbath Rest
Keeping our respectful distance from He whom we Serve
Showing respect for His Love that we don’t deserve.



I know my God clearly and walk in Love in peace

So why gather to The Gatherings’ “Sorry – I’m unworthy”
(week after interminable week)?



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