Bible Class for the Dusty Peeps



Right lads – gather round.

It’s been another good day.  We’ve cured a bunch of sickly folks for free.  You lot didn’t prevent the little ones coming in for a high-five.  We cast out a few noisy demons – and we addressed some “misunderstandings” with Temple Head Office again – and we kept moving and grooving as usual.   I think we can all count this as another successful day of mission, ministry and outreach!.  When they read about this in 2000 years – they’ll all be wanting a piece of the action. 

But – once again I would like to draw ALL our attention to one very SMALL detail that detracts from ALL the good stuff we’re doing here.  And I hear your moans – and I know we are all a little tired of this being said again and again … but I must raise it once more …

The “unknown someone” forgetting to get the bread – again!

As is our way there will be no naming and no shaming.  But YOU know who you are – just as WE know who you are – we ALL know – but we will not say as is our way.  So – hopefully for the very last time please …  

We ALL know that we ALWAYS have bread with EVERY meal – no exceptions.  We ALWAYS have and we ALWAYS will.   And in years to come the Holy Land tourists AND  secular sunseekers will all notice AND comment on it.  Let’s be clear here … having bread three times a day is what makes us who we are: it gives us purpose and backbone and a reason to keep going when all else fails.  It is what defines The Dusty Peeps – more than all the healing and all that stuff … Bread is not just “bread” – it’s the common and everyday and everyman loaf which defines the essence of “The Dusty Peeps” – that defines the inclusiveness of “The Way”! 

So I can guarantee that history will judge us (with amused merriment) as being c**p at (something as simple as) getting the bread.  And THAT, my dusty peeps, will seriously jeopardise ALL the good stuff we are doing.  I can GUARANTEE that as the NEW Temple Head Office in years to come begats even more scribes (or “qualified in God” as I predict they will be known) … scribes who will have even more time on their hands than now to “study” the bible (to be) … that THAT New Head Office will blow this whole bread-thing out of all proportion.  Guaranteed.

So we have a responsibility here.

Not JUST to heal the sick and feed the poor – not JUST to take on the religious establishment – not JUST to have nowhere to lay our heads – not JUST to do all this stuff that people will come to call “The Way” … but ALSO to get the f*****g bread EVERY day! 

Because – unless we sort the bread issue – in years to come (as they all argue the c**p out of what being “biblically correct” really means)  someone somewhere will find some way of making this bread thing “biblical” and “scriptural” – and then that will be used for and against each other – AND all of you – AND my good self – AND this wonderful new The Way we are creating!   

(all because someone who will not be named – but really should – couldn’t remember to get the bread like they said they would)

‘Nuff said?  Thank you.

Okay then – now bow your heads … 

For what we are about to receive AND without a crumb of bread to be seen anywhere around this table … may Dad make you all truly grateful.  Amen.




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