The bible I read is very simple



Yesterday’s post, Love is Power, was of a Facebook Group: The One Dollar Pound Warriors.

A family and friends … struggling to attract publicity-donations  …. their twelve-year old daughter, Lily, has a cancer that could not (so will not) be treated here in the UK … and then “a movement”  that exploded to over 100K members (114,394 as I write) … donations of £200,000 (now £250,000 and still going up) … and all in less than three days.  An explosion caused by another twelve-year old called Lillie (a friend of Lily) who had “this idea” to start a public Facebook group named (amazingly!) “The One Pound Warriors” – whose purpose was (somehow) to attract 300,000 members – all of whom would donate just £1 each once that figure had been achieved.  And with just one post – the money needed to take Lily to the USA for (experimental) cancer treatment would be achieved.  A movement of hope that exploded overnight.  An explosion now rippling around the world.  And all of it only possible through the power of social media AND one young twelve-year old friend. 

ONE young person who believes in the power of love and humanity AND social media.  One person who thinks we are ALL worth more than we think ourselves.  ONE young person yet to believe the adult hopelessness of (achieving) victim-hood.  Someone who KNOWS “social media” can be harnessed for good  – because it is not social media that is good or bad – but us – each of us.  A child who KNOWS we ALL have a choice over who we are – who has yet to submit to the “mature” way of thinking:

“What can I do – I am just one person? (followed by the inescapable conclusion) So what’s the point of even trying?”

I came across one lonely comment in all the comments and supportive thoughts:

“Seems a worthy cause. But where is the evidence?”

An audacious and provocative question!  Here are over 100,000 ordinary people committed to reach a funding target of £300k.  Whose pages are stuffed with “evidence”: 

Local newspapers … television news and magazine programmes … background and explanations from the family and supporters … a family who live not that far away from us for goodness sake – it makes them (almost) neighbours (even though none of us knew them – not still do)! 

And yet here was someone (allegedly from the USA) asking for “evidence” before they even reached for their pocketbook …?

How very dare they!



I digress at this point.

Because I see “How very dare they!” responses all over “social media”.  It is why we think “social media” toxic.  It’s a large part of why “we” think it all hopeless … that “we” seem never to allow goodness to grow … that “we” always tear down goodness … that their “social media” is the reason our “social media” is bad for “us”.

Religious groups, secular groups, inter-faith groups, news groups, community groups … moderated groups, open groups closed groups … all suffer “toxic” comments thrown around without a thought or a care … without humanity or kindness … without any Love at all.


But – coming back to this chap asking for “evidence” that this wasn’t an elaborate scam like so many others – he was directed to the “About Page” … to the “Announcements Page” … to all the celebs re-tweeting … to the local press picking up the activity … to all of “us”  … 200,000 and counting … !  For God’s sake – is that not all “evidence” enough? 

And this chap’s response was very simple:

“I can see and read all that – but it’s emotion and anecdote – where is the evidence that this is real?”


And then something unusual thing happened.

One voice said it was okay to ask.  And then another.  And another.  Voices affirming that someone in the USA would have no need to believe this was real – that someone anywhere had no need to believe this is real – and THAT is okay – THAT is very much okay and should NOT be attacked.  Instead we should ALL allow anyone who thinks “Is this real”?” to be allowed to think – and say – it without offence (or “toxic”) thrown around.

For me it was another beautiful example of how we can each be so much more than we think.  How kindness heals and hate does not.  How allowing is safe and doesn’t need to be attacked or demolished.

Because isn’t “the truth” that what is being attacked is not an innocent questioner … but our own fear that we might have been duped … that we have been taken-in by the explosion of excitement, emotion and anecdote?



>>> I see fear in almost every faith post – atheist post – one faith v another faith – one religion v another religion – one denomination – one way of doing things – one comfort zone v another.  I see this “toxic everywhere” – but NOT defending something good – BUT attacking our own fear that we might be wrong.  Because we are all  “invested” – so we are not backing down for anyone.  Because backing down is to be seen to be weak – and belief in God (or no-God) is not “weak” – so I am strong just like my God (or no-God)!  

Which makes me a victim of fear.

So it follows that Love – without any conditions – IS unattainable – it has to be (or I can’t be a victim).  And THAT is not the bible I read, nor the friend I have found there.  Just as the “lost world” … the “saved believer” … the “churched” or “unchurched” … none of that stuff is the bible I read.

What is the bible I read is really simple: I am either free of fear through Love or I am not.

And that should be is a no-brainer.




2 thoughts on “The bible I read is very simple

  1. I can understand that person’s asking. Last year I saw (in the news) dozens of scams on a site called GoFundMe, along with some really stupid requests being allowed, like a kid who wanted people to pay so he could buy a combo at McDonalds. No, he wasn’t poor, he just wanted to see how many people would give him money. We had a local couple who asked for money to replace their kid’s Christmas gift lost in a fire, turned out they neither had children nor a home. After you’ve seen enough of these it’s natural to question even legitimate requests.

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