A thought arose and stuck in my nose



Today I have felt tired, I have seen a murky dawn become a murky day.
I have heard from a number of people about different things.
I have seen this and I have felt that and I have done this and I have done that.

In every moment of every minute of the whole day I see and hear and think and feel and do and don’t do.  I do that upstairs and downstairs – outside at the back of the house and outside at the front of the house.  I have walked here and walked there.  I have spoken to this person and that.  I have been expecting another to speak but they have not.  I have cuddled a wee one and fixed accounting stuff. 
Which is a really cool jobspec.
I have helped a member of staff and another.  I have eaten porridge and fruit.  And a slice of bread and butter with yummy lemon-salt sprinkled over.
Honest – it’s to die for (but not literally – please)

And now I am typing this little piece of prose.
Because a thought arose and stuck in my nose.
With no idea what it means –
I hope one of you does knows.

But here’s a clue just for you …

Love is written as angstacy or ecstasy.
And it can be.
But mostly Love’s not.

Mostly Love is like my day today.
In the background then foreground over there and here.
Just like breathing I am unaware of Love in every moment.
(and just like breathing I am very aware when I am not)
That great big breathe-in … ?
Love is that as well.
That great big heaving-sucking more air NOW please … ?
Love is that as well.

In the bible I keep seeing “I Am”
And in years gone by thought it a name like mine – Paul.
Hello I Am.

But now I see no name and look for no more.
I Am is all.
I Am love.
I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am … whatever I want to be.

You attack me with words?  I am … always my choice.
You ignore me with intent?  Ditto
You expect me to do what you will?  Ditto again
Ditto and ditto and ditto
Every second of every minute of my day.
I am me.
If I allow

Love is freedom.
Just as breathing.
Just as Living.
Just as I am.

So I am …
Signing-off for now.




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