My choice. No one else’s.



Lead by example.

Our Queen Elizabeth II has reigned through rain, snow, sunshine and hail.  Through annus horribilis and annus good times.  She has no political power by agreement but everything she does (or does not) makes headlines.  When she is on the move we are not.  Roads are closed, planes are paused, and we all wave and bow-curtsey as she goes by.  There are those for and those against.  The arguments are political, economic, cultural, and historical.  She is hard to ignore and harder still to dismiss.  Our Queen reigns and we are her subjects – no matter how tenuous the curriculum.

In this “woke” day and age our Queen is like family.  Always been there.  Never really got why.  But not sure we should do away with it all.  Such is the sentiment of inertia.

Like the planet we all share.  Dust to dust and all that.  And as it changes its seasons we are not entirely convinced we are at fault.  More like innocent bystanders to a car-crash.  All with our smart-phones recording the tragedy because that’s what we do now.  We used to look the other way mostly.  Now we can distance our conscience through the lens of a phone.  We can say we were there.  And provide a public service by sharing the moment on FacebookTwitterInsta or whatever social media is “sick” right now.

I have no idea why we use the term “woke”.  All those precious metals and plastic – those batteries ever smaller and more “woke” necessary.  All that travel to get the right experiential memory saved conveniently to our digital imprints – and none of that relevant (obviously!) to the number of likes or “influencer”-one-upmanship opportunities for our fifteen milliseconds of fame.



Trump is neither the devil nor modern day saviour.  His politically motivated principles are no different to most of us.  All politicians are driven by popularity.  Trump just doesn’t care that we see and know it.  Because the truth is we empower those who agree with us.  Who we like.  Who champion our cause.  Who are one of us.  Even though we know they are not.  Even though we know we are being played.  The transaction is that in return for my vote I might get some of what I want.

There is transaction in our relationship with our Queen.  In return for her steering clear of controversy we fund the Royal infrastructure.  And in return we benefit from tourist revenue.  From inward investment.  There is transaction in our relationship with this planet. Don’t think too deeply nor look too far ahead nor listen to the doomsday fanatics – and the planet will support us and all our scientific and cultural needs.  At least until we – and perhaps two or three generations ahead – die.

“Woke” I think is to be savvy to all this.  To use a train instead of a plane.  To shame and denigrate (with love) those still slumbering in greed and apathy.  Which has the obvious consequence of vilification coming back at ya.



I am “woke” most of every twenty-four hours.  Yet whether sleeping or woke I am me.

I have a house and a family and grandchildren.  I get cold and hot.  I work and pay taxes.  I eat food I cook food.  I share food and I store food.  I cannot change the world.  But I can change me.  I can see inequality and still stay sane.  I can volunteer and change very little. I can preach great sermons.  I can pray great prayers.  I can be atheist or fundamental.  I can be supported by the state or work to pay for the state to be funded.  I can be pink or brown.  Literate or not.  Broad-minded or closed.  I can be anything at all and disagree or agree about everything or nothing. Because no matter what I am – I have it within me to be kind.  And that is not something I must be only to those whose vote, popularity or agreement I seek.

I am kind or I am not.  I am kind to your face and not behind your back.  Or I am kind or I am not.

I am the devil or I am my saviour.  I am climate change or I am not.  I can be woke (or whatever the current fashion-speak) or not.  I am kind because I am.  Or I am not.  My choice.

No one else’s.




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