I become what I think about



“Being qualified in God is accepted as a calling, a vocation, a necessary step into being a pastor, a shepherd, a priest , a vicar a minister – one able to lead (those who want to be led).  But what about those who don’t.”
“I was confusing care with treatment”, Church Set Free

I saw this post and did a pingback with my own words (above) wrapped around it.

Then I saw this:

“In fact, we might even be the catalyst for a whole chain of events that make a major difference for the Body of Christ, that we never even know about.”
“A Roman Lesson”, The Life Project

And that seemed to fit somehow.

And then this …



One of the reasons(!) I find “church” hard work is that the gathering seems to be (mainly) “a Sunday-best habit”  – either “That’s what I have to do” – or “I want to be there – it’s my life” (and so often) … my friends, my week, my diary and my burden, my cross to bear, my sacrifice of good bad things for all the church good things I must want to do.

I am reminded that Love is The Greatest everywhere I look.  At whoever I look and for whatever reason I look. 

And just me sitting here without much “Sunday church” (or full life) involvement attracts an unspoken (and sometimes spoken) criticism.  That if I “just attended” church I would see things have changed.  That “it’s unfair” to comment from a distance.  That I comment on stuff that “used to be” but isn’t how it is today.

The underlying theme is this:

If I was a proper Christian I would want to gather together (i.e. go to church at least every Sunday).  If I was an actual Christian I would see that gathering together (i.e. going to church at least on Sunday) is how I become a disciple and make disciples.  If I understood the bible and God’s purpose I wouldn’t even find it a choice – I would be there every Sunday – I would be a part of His Kingdom and His Work.

I am reminded that we I become what we I think about.

And I choose to think not about “church” but about Love … and Living … and I Am … Always … Everywhere … in everything … and everyone … even me.

I don’t “need” to go to church – I don’t need to “be seen” to go to church – to be I Am.

I cannot help but be I Am.

I Am always.

Wherever I Am.

If I allow.



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