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Okay chaps, gather round … especially you, SP – just leave the daily bread (that we all forgot – again!) alone for a minute, perleeze … !  All here … ?  Thank you. 

Now … Love without Condition (again).

I get that you want be loved first before you “love back”.  I get that.  It’s scary putting yourself out there not knowing if what comes back will be the same.  I get that we have all experienced the giving and not the getting.  It happens to me as well.  Yeah … yeah … “Son of God” and all that – it still happens to me.

So anyway … you ARE loved first. You always were and always will be.

Remember your moms?  Even in your momma’s belly you were loved.  You won’t remember that.  You won’t remember your pop talking to you through your mom’s tummy – singing you songs – telling you how much he loved you.  None of us remember that.  Just as none of us remember the love – without any condition at all – when we each “popped out” looking all yukky and bemused – all wrinkly and confused (too much “sensory input”) – to remember the look of love in your mom and pop’s eyes as they each saw you for the very first time.  None of us know-remember that moment – not consciously – not then or now.

But everyone on this planet – with the exception of a few sad cases – IS loved without condition even before they were born.  Everyone!  And that has NOTHING to do with Pop or me.  Each of you had that debt-free, condition-free, without regard for how you looked, or how brainy you were, or what gender you would prefer, not even how much money you would make, and deffo not whether you had good career prospects …  You were-are EACH loved completely AND wholly AND without question.  YOU are loved first and always will be.

>>> So where does the fear come from?

Good question!   But each of you can answer that better than I.

I have no fear.  I still don’t see you as you see each other or yourselves.  I still don’t care how you look, how brainy you are, which gender you prefer, how much money you make, whether you have good career prospects … I am blind to all that stuff so I can’t answer why you fear loving as you are loved.  I can’t feel that fear – I don’t have that fear – I never want that fear – I am loved and I love – for me it is that simple.

>>> But the bible says … ?

Indeed it does.  And I’ll tell you something for nothing.

“The Bible” will be the cause of more division amongst you than anything else.  You will fight to the death – literally – over it.  You will defend it and you will attack those who also Love – and all because they don’t agree with you over a little teensy-weensy bit or three of “The Bible”.  You will each justify this “religious warfare” by telling yourselves The Bible is God-breathed by me and Pop – or that it IS Pop Himself and is, therefore, infallible in every word.  YOU will make The Bible a museum piece that CANNOT and MUST NOT be touched or tampered with.  YOU will make The Bible CONDITIONAL and with it you will make “love” conditional.  YOU will come to fear each other because each of you will insist that you are right and insist that “The Bible” agrees with you.  And – because you will come to make me-Pop-The Bible all one and the same – YOU will live the VERY DANGEROUS (and totally false) belief that “I have God on my side!”

>>> SP – “God” and “Pop” are one and the same.  No – I don’t mind at all … keep asking – it’s why we’re here.

So, for me, “The Bible” is NOT infallible NOR God-breathed.  It’s just words on a page that can (and will) mean anything YOU want it to mean.  And, my view only (obviously): I am as blind to “The Bible” as I am to your colour, your creed or your culture.  For me Love is WITHOUT condition – Love comes FIRST – and YOU are always loved without condition. 

So all this religious stuff about “must and should and ought to and burden and sacrifice and service and reward and transaction and fear” … THAT AIN’T IT AT ALL – none of it.

Love IS without need-condition or Love ISN’T “love” at all.

End of.

>> SP – why don’t you and me walk this way and have that chat about “consequences” …





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