Who do men say that I am?

In the shadow of the Lion

Who is the Lion of Judah? Who is it that men say he is? Only a descendent of Judah?

“This is one of the most resonant questions in the whole of the New Testament.””Who do men(people) say that I am?” Mark 8.27 NASB (Cullen Murphy ,1986,The Atlantic)

Perhaps it is better to say:’ What do others say about me,who do they think I am’ In this way,I believe Jesus would not have seemed to indicate that he was OTHER. For this particular question has always indicated to me that Jesus was OTHER than earthly. As Murphy may suggest,this is the linch pin of the Synoptic Gospels.

In the shadow of the Lion gives much to commend Jesus as OTHER,but was he? Was he asking to test the disciples’ perception, or because he wasn’t sure?

This is a brief beginning for more hear say that has been festering in my brain.

Murphy’s article is very interesting and if you have the time please read it.

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