A Christian worry



Good evening, and my thanks to Bjorn Igen for inviting me here today.

For those of you who don’t know me – my name’s Theo Lojan – but you can call me Theo.   My CV … ?  A few books that made the best-seller list … loads of qualifications … more leadership titles than I can remember… And a perfect family with my third wife, Sarah, and our two small children: Matthew and Mark.  Hi sweeties …

I am also credited with not one but three unique ologies – and (don’t take this too seriously) but I have been credited with bringing so many to Our Lord that “THAT” was why Mega-Churches were invented!  But NONE OF THAT IS WHY I’M HERE with you today.  I’m here because I Love My Lord just as we all do.  And that makes ME no different to any of YOU.  You and I are the same – we all Love Our Lord – The One – The Way – My Friend – Our Friend … So let’s all bow your heads for a moment and I”ll give Him you the greatest prayer you’ve ever heard … !

….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

And that’s why my friends, I’m certain the Lord has drawn me to you today.  The End Times are NOT fiction.  My people researched not JUST the bible – not just every Christian and non-Christian sacred text (and stuff not even considered sacred) – not just in the original language but every language – not just from original scrolls but every reprint ever… and not just all that … At every step we sought the guidance of Our Lord – what He wants interpreted from my extensive – and I mean EXTENSIVE – work.  So WE have the Seal of God on these results.  And there’s only ONE conclusion: We ARE living in The End Times RIGHT NOW!   And if THAT doesn’t put the fear of God into YOU – then I don’t know what will.
BTW – signed copies of my latest book: “Get Saved Before The Lights Go Out (Or Come On if you get saved now)” are at the back of the hall …
(loud applause)
Thank you thank you … Catchy title I know – humour is just another gift He has blessed me with …. Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!
(rapturous applause)
Thank you thank you thank you all …

….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..



The Coca-Cola advert each Christmas gets us buzzing: who will be the first to spot the iconic: “Holiday’s a-coming … Holidays a-coming” tv advert of the truck convoy?

Some in our family are quite competitive!   For it marks the beginning of (real) Christmas – when getting excited is okay – when talking about nothing but (personalised) tree decorations – cutsie-outfits for the wee ones … When all of that is okay.  That Coca-Cola advert is the Christmas equivalent of the Second Coming:

The Lights Are On Again!

Except it happens every year.  And we all know we are ALL kidding ourselves.  We will begin (real) Christmas with or without seeing that advert.  It’s just a bit of the fun to be had each year.

Like the girls Spa Weekend each summer. When our two daughters and mum enjoy a weekend-with-pampering far away from normal living.  Like a planned-exciting summer holiday … Like anything and everything we do together or separately each year day-after-day with laughter and excitement.



Yet The End Times continue to be a Christian Worry.

That “we” will not save everyone from their ordained-doom.  That “we” (even us!) might miss out if we take our eyes off the ball God.  That so many will be Lost Forever …  perhaps even our own family … our own loved ones …

Yet compare that with staying alive … all the prescription drugs … all the modern-day medical science miracle saving us from death(s) which our forefathers succumbed-to  by the generation.

We remain obsessed with The End Times.  Yet do everything in our power (including prayer) to stay alive (in this Lost and Evil World).

And “we” wonder why “we” are not taken seriously?



For me it is none of that but simply living in THIS moment and the next – where both Love AND my God are found – where I am not “met where we are” BUT where I am “accessible” to everything and everyone – where Love connects and ideas spark – where Love allows and comfort zones are expanded – where Love makes it safe to be who I never thought I could be or would be.

Yet find I Am.

The End Times and Coca-Cola advert have a lot in common with one difference.  One is fun the other isn’t.  And, like always …

I get to decide which is which.




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