Who Am I?

From Dalmanutha I traveled to Bethsaida, where I healed a blind man. Afterward, Mark, records that as I walked north toward Caesarea Philippi, I asked my disciples, to tell me what the populous thought of me. Then to tell me who they thought me to be.

Who Am I ?

I know most of you have read the  hagiographies written by the Church. Idealised, dichotic arrangements of those events thought important to represent me in the desired manner. They are the Good News or God spelled,inspired,maybe? though recorded and arranged according to an agenda.

Not much is recorded about the real me, whoever I am. There are the stories of my birth,after-thoughts by Matthew and Luke,since Mark writes of me walking out of the desert into the Jordan, and that, they decided just would not do. Every great man has a past, has come is going,to be acclaimed for something.

I was about two when the Magi visited with their peculiar gifts. I thought they were a bit weird, but well meaning. Dad had a dream and took mum and me to Egypt into Exile. I was too young to understand why I was called “King of the Jews”. Dad was a descendent of a king but so what….

Earlier when they took me to the temple when mom had to be purified I sensed two old people looming over me and making scary words. Mom wrote it in her diary,she did that a lot. I was such a confused child because unearthly memories constantly crowded my mind, of me being some kind of god and really old.

I just didn’t know who I was, they said I was a precocious child,always up to mischief. I discovered I could do magic such as making clay birds alive. I missed synagogue on the Sabbath quite often and dad was ashamed. He muttered to himself about an angel of the Lord and threw up his hands in frustration.

I did well in School which was the beginning of the end, so to speak. We went up to Jerusalem when I was about 12 and found myself in the Temple discoursing with the notables on points of Law and the prophets. I felt so old and something in me awoke to the knowledge that I might be more than a 12 year old boy. They were astonished at my wisdom. When mom and dad found me I got a clip over the ear for all the trouble I had caused. I said that I must be about my Father’s business,which didn’t seem to have anything to do with woodcraft.

Then Dr. Luke says that I went home and advanced in wisdom and stature. So what unless he meant notoriety,everyone grows.

No mention of my Apprenticeship. The wonderful things I wrought with the works of my own hands. My visits to the Temple with Joseph to make wonderful Bass reliefs of those special creatures G-d told Moses to make.

I had been led into the desert for retreat. I had prayed,trembled in dread as I communicated with our three persons. I had been incarnated to die,so that all the people I knew and more would be saved. I remembered that I am God’s Son,God the son and that from before all time. I AM.

I came walking down to the Jordan ,with all the other penitents. My cousin John didn’t want to baptize me,but for the sake of what was coming,he did.

My Son whom I love.

And the heavens opened,the Holy Spirit rested upon me and my Father said This is my son whom I love with him I am well pleased.