Dear Christian


I see the light of approaching day
Lost in the moment of life coming my way

I see my toes all the way down there
Lost in the moment all I can do is stare

We saw the Temple Time temples of ancient Egypt past
Devoid of spirit and life – yet still so huge and vast

I wrote words for the world on a beach far away
A dreamy heat-filled way to while away a day

I mused a blade of grass so simple and profound
Each blade of power to grow in useless scratchy ground

We savoured a tray of both savoury and sweet delights
And evening’s adventures – a perfect sweet night

We savoured the sweet scent of a life newly born

To the lives created by us – loved, grown and then flown.

Dear Christian, look not only up for hope eternal

Look down where you are – open your arms wide

Love and hope are here

Unless we submit …
To our own homegrown fear





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