Being a good driver



The Highway Code is hard to understand. The commandments and laws within need to be made crystal clear for full understanding and application.  We need teachers to instruct the correct application. For only with the correct application will the novice driver drive correctly.  The Highway Code is The Law.  But The Law keeps changing to reflect changes in road conditions – so the Highway Code changes too.  Therefore simply passing one’s driving examination is insufficient.  All drivers must continue to study the Highway Code to stay safe and drive correctly.

And successfully complete the annual test of the vehicle you drive.

Because obeying The (driving) Law – even if one obeys ALL the time – is not enough.  The vehicle (law) I drive must be (obeyed) maintained to a certain standard (on one day of the year).  And even if I do that and am correct in everything … shit happens.

So insurance is necessary to pay the cost of shit happening.

Which indicates The Law(s) is something drivers will “explore” when no one is watching.  Some when no one is watching – others when law enforcement isn’t.  Which means accidents will happen – hence the need for insurance and an annual vehicle test.  Except those who don’t obey The Law may decide NOT to get insured and NOT to have their vehicle tested.

So we need to enforce The Law.  We need law enforcement. 

We need it everywhere and with penalties that are a deterrent.  Which will be those who in the main obey The Law.   Except enforcement will be irrelevant to those who think The Law(s) an ass – and who think that those who obey The Law(s) are assholes.

Which is another reason for shit happening.



So I come not to trash the Highway Code but to fulfil the Highway Code.

I am the ultimate enforcer.  I see you when you’re sleeping, I see you when you’re bad.  I see you when you’re driving, I see inside your head.  I see everything and record everything.  Nothing you do or think or don’t think passes me by.  You must not judge each other but I am judging EVERYTHING you are and do. 

With one exception.

Say the right words, pay a fee and you can join the Advanced Motoring Institute.  It is where The Law and you become One.  Where you too will fulfil The Law.  Where you will be above reproach.  Where you will be correct in all things driving.  Where you can rest secure in the perfection of your knowledge of the law, your hazard perception and driving awareness, your journey pre-planning and journey post-reviews … a place where you will remain safe in all the madness that is our roads today.

For you will become a mature driver.  And you can expect to be heard.  Your diligence and adherence to fulfilling The Law will entitle you to be heard.  So please ignore those who see only a jobsworth – one with a sense of entitlement –

One who is The Law in all but loving humanity.  

Because the Law is of Love.  The two are One.  And to focus on The Law – be correct in all things – live to the letter of The Law(s) but without Love …

Then you remove humanity from both.

And that is fulfilling neither.



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