A millstone around the neck of Love


Yet another … THE END TIMES – THE END TIMES – THE END TIMES!  Another … you say this but do that you Pharisees!   Another … you’ve read your bible once … ONCE!  Do you not know you cannot know ANYTHING if you do not read your bible all the time!  Fear and urgency …   He is coming.  Satan knows he is coming.  Satan is working ever more tirelessly because Satan knows He is coming!  Read you bible!  Read the signs!  He is coming!  You mustn’t sleep!  You must be ready!  You must be clean!  You must be dressed and pressed!  Read your bible!! 


He is coming and I am ready.


I have read my bible.  I have seen the Chosen People then and the Chosen People now.  The church then and the church now.  I have seen the armies of occupation.  The church industry.  Those who were correct and those deemed not.  I have heard the noise of the market place.  I have also walked the paths of the dusty peeps – heard their doubts – their certainty.  I have listened and seen.  And I am left with this.

Dignity.  Gentleness.  Patience.  Purpose.  Inclusiveness.  Kindness.  Awareness.  Love WITHOUT condition.  Love that gives without getting.  Love that is unlinked to reward.  Love that is never of transaction.  Love that is timeless.

The dusty peeps thought Jesus was sleep-walking to his grave.  Got cross.  Told him he was wrong.  Wanted to know what the future held.  Who was in and who was out.

The church industry wanted him dead.  To remove this fly in the ointment once and for all.  The planning and plotting, the fabrication and manipulation.

And if we read our Gospels correctly: Dusty Peeps = good guys & Pharisees = bad guys.  Read your bible – it’s all there.  Even this …  The Greatest of These.

A walking talking living breathing Greatest of These.



I have no time for The End Times.  I have no time for scriptural tea-leaf reading.  I have no time for fear.

I have this moment where I am met and meet.  I am in and of this moment.  Just like in the bible we can all read.  Where I see everyone but One addicted to this transaction we have with time.  This worry-wart of our own creation.  This seeking certainty before we walk each step in faith Love … “love” we have decided is … “have I read the bible  correctly”have I studied the bible correctly”“do I love (and not love) the right people correctly”.  That isn’t faith Love.  That is the same “correct” bible-study-teaching also written-of in the bible.

A teaching that is a millstone around the neck of Love.

Why do we rejoice our “getting saved” and still fear Love?  Why do we still scour the bible for the correct answers?  Why do we always fear Love Without Condition when the bible we tell each other to study does not?  Why do we “get saved” and still fear Love so stubbornly whilst clinging happily to our addiction to “sin”?

And – to be fair – I read about all of “that” in the bible as well …

Just NOT as “correct” bible-study-teaching.



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