All in this together


Saw this tucked away on the BBC news website yesterday.

Saving the planet and going green … millennials and Greta fed-up with the rest of us who have blighted their future …

Once again I am reminded that it’s so easy to point the finger of blame – but much MUCH harder to accept that we are always ALL in this (and so much else) TOGETHER!

The finger pointing … ?  China are the bad boys, flying is bad, not switching-off lights is wasteful … the wrinklies (I am classed as one) have raped this plant, have wasted so much, don’t want to stop … look at all the plastic, look at all the pollution, someone should do something!

And where do i see all this finger-pointing and debate …  where will these words go  when I press SEND …?

To/from the internet (mostly).

And – oddly – I don’t think ANY of us think about the consequences of THAT.

I never have.  Until this short clip.

Just under six minutes this one is another “wow” moment for me!


Thank you –




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