What we call normal living – III



“Stay at home” … “Shelter in place” … “quarantined” … “social distancing” … “seven days of  asymptomatic … “fourteen days of self-isolation” … “shielding” … 

And with that seems to be the inevitable “master race” flip-side: 



“Boring isn’t it?” … “I’m going mad!” … “I’ve got to get out of here!” … “The days all blur into one.” … “What’s the point … ?” … “What do I do … ?” …   


Funny thing about all of this … whether “secular” or “of faith” – we all believe it is our  right / destiny to be “in control”.  Yet choose – then and now – the very mindset which creates our own prison (which we then feel trapped within) – along with the masks we all wear (in order to kid ourselves that we are actually in control).

I guess that’s one definition of “being in control” (as normal). 



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