Love invites just one thing



I had a go at cutting my own hair in the garden yesterday. Not a bad job if I say so myself – number 4 on the sides, number 6 on the top (and then number 5 all over).  With a little help around the edges from my new “beard, ears and nose trimmer” I am no longer fluffy.  I was so pleased that I forgot the big wall-mirror propped against a bush.

All we now need is a new mirror AND a superstitious potion to ward-off the superstitious seven-years bad luck.

He is Risen!

We have already had a picture of the little ones in their garden – each clothed with determination and a basket to fill.

The Easter Egg Bunny left 44 little eggs/chocolate treats (we were told last night).   And  a Doubting Thomas needed reassurance from Alexa that the Easter Bunny was really real.  Alexa’s evidence ... “If you find chocolate eggs hidden around your house … I think you have your answer.”

Same with all these “fairy tales” we spend so much energy keeping alive simply for the innocent magic reflected back in a little one’s eyes!

But (obviously) different from the “real” of Christ is Risen and the Christmas Birth. 

That is proven and factual.  A “fact” I defended for years as I was taught to defend …  “it really happened real” I was taught to teach and preach … “you must believe it” which people still die-for-kill-for-fight-for … a really “real” that commands “we” gather together with “like minded believers” – and are mocked by other “like minded believers” who call themselves non-believers (which is really, really weird).

Today (and tomorrow) is only about belief.

Taught belief that cannot be proven (or else it would not be belief) … just as taught belief has our wee ones out in the garden on the trail of the Easter Bunny … just as taught beliefs dictate how we ALL live and ALL love … that dictates how we ALL believe what we believe to be true –  and is how we ALL live because there is no other way.

THAT fascinates me.

How we ALL believe our beliefs are static and the truth … yet we were ALL sleepless with excitement at Father Christmas coming down the chimney … ALL hyper about the Easter Bunny’s trail of chocolate … ALL wide-eyed at the Tooth Fairy seeking my tiny tooth!   Like we believe the bible is real.   Like we believe the Koran isn’t.  Like ALL sacred-writings-faith-institutions ALL claim to be the real truth of how and why.

I think we would ALL do well to recognise how we are ALL holding “a basket” and chasing “the trail” of our current beliefs.

How those who cry “God is great” and explode those around them have the same DNA of “living by belief” as those from a “Christian country” who send another drone to “take-out” those who explode those (of a different belief).

It fascinates me that we are ALL the same but believe we are not.  How we ALL live by belief and we ALL grow away from belief in “childish fiction” to belief in “factual truth” (and all become cynical of Love)..

I have a love of science and a love of something bigger.  I have looked up at night from a dark place and seen more pinpricks of light than we are counting deaths right now.  I live life and accept death. 

And threaded through ALL – from childish fiction to factual truth – is Love.

Love that transcends this isolation.  Love that transcends each death.  Love that was the first thing I knew and (I hope) will be the last.  Love that has seen me move mountains and Love that floored me with a glance.

Christ might be risen and Allah might be great … Britain might not now be Great and the USA might yet be made great again (or not) … 

Yet Love is stronger than all these beliefs and “facts”.

Love is Universal – requires no language – needs no saving or redemption – needs no sacred texts or religious institutions.   Love invites just one thing –

The absence of my conditions-transactions of belief  – absence of my belief of my difference to you  – absence of my entitlement of “truth”.  Love invites me to go unconditional and then …

Love is and I am.




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