Play it again Sam …



The sound of birdsong is so much clearer – the air we breathe is so much cleaner – the reaction to science is so much meaner … 

You rewriting that song his morning?  You know the one I mean … “Day by Day”“to see me more clearly, love me more dearly, follow me more nearly”

Morning you, no not really.  Just reading the news … 

The shift away from the daily numbers towards our “belly-button-gazing” again: the “okay” way to drink when isolated at home …. what is my routine now I have no routine … China now being “questioned” after being praised … same with the WHO. … same with Europe splintering after the (alleged) united front … same here in the UK … and the USA back to an obsession with guns, twitter and politics “freedom” … Along with the church: how “ministry “ will never be the same again … how (virtual) worship is adding so many (virtual)  bums on seats … I’ve even seen a “movement” demanding we don’t rush back to “normal” but we select what the new normal should be …  All this even as thousands are dying daily – even as the fiscal support packages are still being invented – even as we all learn so much of what we thought we couldn’t live without  – – – – we CAN’T live without! 

And yet the sound of birdsong is so much clearer … all the noise pollution is absent, the air we breathe is so much cleaner … just one dirty exhaust now noticed, the reaction to science is so much meaner … “science” should have the answers: there should be PPE enough for EVERYONE ALL THE TIME – there should be INFALLIBLE TESTS RIGHT NOW FOR ALL – there should be an antivirus ALMOST READY if not ALREADY READY – the WHO should have ALL THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING – Trump should be re-elected now above EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ELSE – Trump should NOT be re-elected now above EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING ELSE – and all  politicians should make money available to EVERYBODY RIGHT NOW!  

Science is letting us down because after a few days/weeks we are STILL LOCKED DOWN and it is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  Science is killing us with its science cure!

You mean it’s not all my fault this time?

Seems not.  Seems you are off-the-hook this time (which is a sign of how REALLY weird things are right now).

Why is science and not me getting a bad rap right now, do you think?

The way I see it … science has always been our go-to.  Our “evidence” that we really control everything – even you.  And now – this time around – we find science is as fickle as you.   

Our politicians stand up daily and “follow the science” – yet the toilet roll aisles were stripped bare in moments and now this “lock-down” is “killing us”!  So we must be free of science so that we can open-up for business again!  The “science” cure is killing us so we must be freed of the cure to be back in control again.

And no one seems to twig that the very “science” (used to make you the fall-guy every time) is itself the “fall-guy” THIS time.  No one seems to twig that we need to control everything to “feel normal” – so we ALWAYS need a “fall-guy” when we can’t and don’t.   And science SHOULD be the answer but this time isn’t. 

Back in 2008 it was “bankers” who filled that role – not you OR science and deffo not us who expected cheap money for nice “stuff” without the worry of repaying it.  Nothing to do with us who expected a generous pension for all the nice stuff “we had worked for” and which meant it was “our right”. 

That “crash” was nothing to do with us and everything to do with “them”.  Now it is science because it’s never “our fault”.

And you got all of this from listening to birds more clearly, breathing air more cleanly, and seeing science more meanly?  

I love you Paul.

Play the song Paul.

Play it for you and me …  play it again Sam … 




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