The Fractured Saviour.

The Fractured Life



Until this plague came upon us, it was fairly simple to understand that ‘we are the body of Christ -for in our seperate denomination we can experience the various Charisms of those who surround us’,

New International Version
And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever– Read the chapter for the complete passage.

Of course, the ‘you’ intended here is in the plural.

We are now isolated in 1 and 2s. family groups, and yet we are the Body, separated, and to a greater or lesser degree bereft. The Spirit is still within us, and we must learn from the Desert Fathers to desire the isolation of that life in, though apart from the rest of our half brothers and sisters, still members of the Father’s adopted family.

Within our parish are the bewildered aged,the middle aged,young families with children,young unmarried students and the BBQ crowd and Communion brigade.

As for me, my faith has gone underground into the crevices of the ripples within my brain. Recalling snippets of the Quran and Bible yet apart from our YouTube broadcasts,never actually reading either.

Rather remembering those for whom they were conceived. Christ, the ,Word of words, from whom all Words come,ST. Francis, Muhammad,Ali,Ghandi, Mother Teresa.

That the lepers with which Francis spent so much time were the self quarantined of the time. The disease untreatable. The covidcirca all time save now. Their bells, the masks of the day, crying unclean when begging in the streets during their exercise allowance. Not the need for Social Distancing since most who saw them,passed by on the other side. Like those who passed by the man set upon by thieves.

Francis was their good Samaritan,Jesus their healer and Levites their Physicians to give them a clean bill of health.

Thus the mosaic draws itself together once more for the Spirit of God, the Ruach Hakodesh,has been with us since before Christ Spoke the World.

Rusch Hakodesh

And binds the Body to the head. There was never a fractured Saviour, save in the doubtful heart.

Read our Paul

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