He was vilified daily as well



Prophetic … Foretold … It’s in the bible … It says this was to happen …

I make no apology for this post.

I speak to all the good faithful believers who sell the bible the same as life insurance.  The ones telling me this pandemic – the suffering, death and poverty facing so many – the political and media bickering over who is/was right and who is/was wrong – ALL the “stuff” the whole world is facing right now … who tell me that this is/was foretold in the bible – and then ask:

“What say you now about the bible being fact or fiction?”

Who tell me that this pandemic is proof that the bible is God-breathed and inerrant.  That this pandemic is evidence that the bible is really and truly evidence of a real factual true God just as written!



Let me say this.   If your smug justification to sell me “salvation” on the back of this pandemic is really “biblically correct”, I think you are further from your God than you will ever care to realise.

The bible, from what I see around me, is being used by many as a “Told You So” more and more.

The bible I see (and have become blind to much of) was never intended for that.  The bible I read does have prophecies, fortellings, covenants and many ”told you so” examples.  The bible does have Jesus intensely debating with the religious-powers-that-be in their own language, their own schooling AND their own closed-minds.

The bible is also the best example of selfless-humanity I have ever read.

It has the best examples of love without condition I have ever seen.  It has the simplest most alluring invitation for me to become a being of love without condition right here and now.  To right now live a life of eternity in each and every moment.

And all I need to do is to allow.

To become free in a way that I never can or will when I “have to” believe-behave in a certain religious “correct and biblical way“.  A correct The-Way that demands my imprisonment rather than the freedom to love without condition.

Daily I see Trump vilified.  Daily I see correct alleged “humanity and love” following embedded political-partisan-lines.  Daily I see headlines no different from all the embedded-timeless isms, ologies, and correct-thinking necessary “to follow God” (correctly).

The Greatest of These IS in the bible. 

Love Without Condition is not some hard home-schooling lesson.  Being biblically correct is not something Jesus lectured about.  Or was he wrong to say you have seen it written but I say … Was he wrong to find fault with those who watched for biblical-rule-breaking … Was he wrong to cross all the established lines and constructed barriers that keep “good believers” believing correctly?

He was vilified daily as well.

Not for his personal crusade of re-election later this year – or next year – or the year after that.   Not for his healing and humanity.  But because it ALL came without any  established-expected-entitlement-transactional-conditional correct “rules and laws”.

He was vilified because he rocked the establishment boat.

The establishment found it more important to protect the establishment than anything else.  I see that today right now.  In church and ministry just as politics and power.

The Greatest of These doesn’t bring me “closer to God” through my correct-biblical-stance. 

The Greatest of These brings me closer to you … whoever and wherever you are … no matter how you live or what you were to taught to believe … no matter whether you live in a Christian country, a Muslim country, or a far-distant backwater yet to be “civilised” (i.e. taught how to live and “love” like us).

The Greatest of These is without border – without favour – without condition – without transaction.

Love without condition – by definition – is ALSO “without the bible” or any sacred-correct-text and ALL man-made establishment correctness.  And THAT is why we find Love Without Condition – the Greatest of These – such a hard impossible lesson.

We EACH have to put down our biblical correctness “establishment” to become …

I Am.

I wonder if we ever will.




2 thoughts on “He was vilified daily as well

  1. Reminds me of people who look at the writings of Nostradamus and say, “see, he foretold this!” Show it to me before it occurs and I’ll consider it prophetic. That’s how all the OT prophets worked, there was nothing in what they said that had to be “figured out” or wondered when they would occur.

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