A place called no one knows



Coming out of lockdown.

How will we come out of lockdown … when will we be back to normal … who will be unlocked first … what if that means I am exposed … what would that mean … and if … 

On and on and on!



I spoke to a business owner.

Coming out of  lockdown becomes more and more complex as more and more details arise:  how will he socially distance his staff, how do they travel to work safely, what will the dynamics be between those back at work and those still working remotely – will there be two teams, what about commuting-costs for those travelling versus those not – is that a potential flash-point, will the clients even need his services once the team is  working together, what if one of the team shows symptoms – won’t that mean everyone travelling would have to isolate (again) …  The more he talked the more questions without answers arose.

Now let’s talk about “walking in faith”.



The “concept” of travelling a path unknown, to a destination imagined, with a friend invisible and ethereal – but with complete clarity and confidence – and based only on relationship and trust.

I have written about my frustration that church “walking in faith” depends mostly on facts rather than faith: where will the funding come from, is the funding sustainable, are the costs known and controlled, are the resources in place and ongoing, are other priorities also being served or diminished by this intended spending ministry … ?

Yet coming out of lockdown for ALL of us is “walking in faith”.

We ALL want to control the imponderables – we ALL want specific and facts and evidence and control – we ALL want certainty that stepping out will be rewarded with a return on the investment (before placing that first foot in front of the other).

What I learned as I chatted with this business owner was very grounding. 

Faced with so many unknowns … trying to control the answers to all of them … to know the best path to take … a path that has real consequences for real people … THAT was immensely depressing.



And lasted about ten minutes.

To be replaced (in a hugely satisfying and massively liberating way) by arriving at a place called “No One Knows”.  A place of comfort and peace.  A “place” I can take with me even as I journey amongst so many unknowns.  A being I can be right now and every day.

A place called “No One Knows”.



A “place” of my imagination.  A “walk” of putting one foot in front of the other in hope and kindness.  A “journey” I must because life continues whether I try and dictate my outcome or not.

Right now we are all walking in faith – saved or unsaved, lost or found, religious or secular.  We’re ALL walking in faith without the answers we like to think we always have.

And each of us is finding out how we each respond – saved or unsaved, lost or found, religious or secular.

I see mental well-being becoming an issue, financial security always an issue, addiction resurgence becoming another, domestic abuse another, boredom another, frustration and rule-breaking (or keeping) another …

The list of “issues” is growing as the immediate panic subsides.  Hindsight and the-finger-of-blame now a daily talking point.  The place of “No One Knows” once again a place of evidence of incompetence.  A place where I am right and “they” were wrong – where “they” should have acted differently – where “they” … SHOULD have known because I have rights!

Normally I’m a bystander to these “issues” – a spectator with opinions.



But this time I know the reality of “walking in faith” whilst being sand-bagged by those who won’t.  Those who refuse to walk a path of “No One Knows (but right now I’m okay)”.  Those who need to know that all their “must-have stuff” will be there tomorrow and the day after.

The contrast is stark with those who have reached the comfort of a place called “No One Knows (but … )“.

Those who “walk in faith” without ANY “God” in their lives.  Those walking in kindness, gentleness, with space and time for others.

The contrast is absolute.

And I have learned that walking in faith is not a religious exercise or discipline.  Walking in faith IS love without condition.

Going bible-blind is the best thing that happened to me!  I can live – be – and am – the greatest of these without any of the “religious stuff” getting in the way.

And isn’t THAT what the bible is really about?



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