I discern.

I know that some of you, if having read my bio.,know that I was ordained to the Order of Priest on 4th July 2015. The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

Just before covid19 I went to my bishop to request to be laisised. Though I have the form,in Church legalese, I have not yet filled them out,it will be up to an Archbishop in Melbourne to ratify the paperwork.

Essentially I will still have the faculties of a deacon.

It has been a strange confinement this giving birth to knowledge that we are all Priests of God Most High, I should not have succumbed to the lure of confecting the wafer that it might become the Body of Christ,and wine his blood.

Because this remembering needs no hocus pocus to bring Christ present to us,because Jesus is always here. The God who walks the earth. Being catholic priest in the congregation of a protestant denomination. Has felt strange, though my beliefs have shifted so far from what they were as to realize words and actions are our human way of creating a hierarchy of social or religious control.

Because we have believed we need intercession between ourselves and God.

When the veil of the Temple tore,it put an end to any necessity for any bridge to carry us to God.

God is here and we require no interpreter to speak with Him.

And so I cease to be such thing.

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