The Litany

John 20:29 Bible Coloring and me.
  1. From thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead:
  2. I believe in the Holy Ghost:
  3. I believe in the holy catholic church:
  4. the communion of saints:
  5. The forgiveness of sins:
  6. The resurrection of the body:
  7. And the life everlasting. Amen.

As a child I used to race through these last 7 points like a well run runner in a race to the life everlasting.

This time, after much Covid thought I have called them a Litany. A litany from the side of the Father to everlasting life. As a child this was very important to me, as was the judging of the quick and the dead. The quickening of life, the being alive. Elizabeth felt the child, John quicken in her womb, that special time when one can definitely say that a fetus become human.

The Quick and the Dead.

Those who run quickly as opposed to those dead in the water? No child, they are the living and the dead – those who are alive when I return and those who are dead. My Word, according to Tyndale refers to this as the judgement of quicke and deed-I am returning to judge all the Nations on the Earth by the fruit of their spirit and the work of their hand. To separate Sheep – the righteous from the Goats – unrepentant sinners. Matthew 25:31-46,

This has become a popular phrase used by some of my brothers and sisters to refer to the discerning between two very similar objects. The shade of difference between one of my brothers and another being that both are sinners but one has repented.

I come from the Father as one, human like you are, with the capacity to understand and emphasise, to know the difference between a human afraid and one who will never own their actions, never repent nor know remorse for their living deeds and when they are dead; neither believe in God even in the sight of his Majesty. Such as these will be punished because they will sit in the presence of the Almighty, looking at whom they do not believe. This is the outer darkness, and they will gnash their teeth and curse the day they were born to life.

All are to be resurrected, those who were quick and those who were dead, and they will live forever.

  • I believe in the Holy Ghost
  • I believe in the holy catholic church:
  • the communion of saints:
  • The forgiveness of sins:
  • The resurrection of the body:
  • And the Life Everlasting Amen

[I always like the Holy Spook, did not understand why Anglicans believed in Roman Catholicism, until I learnt that this word ;”catholic” comes from the Greek adjective καθολικός (katholikos), meaning “universal”) comes from the Greek phrase καθόλου meaning for everyone. Augustine was the first to call the Church Catholic, somewhere for everyone. ]

The Communion of Saints, the union of both the quick and the righteous dead, and of the unrighteous there is still the forgiveness of sins – if they repent, my sacrifice still stands.

The resurrection of the body, when souls to their scattered bodies come, the sea gives up its dead and urns explode into shards of pottery as the body emerges from the ashes.

The life everlasting, living forever on a new earth with fresh skies, with no more sickness and death. Has to be a metaphor that my Father jealously guards against that day.

D. A. Carson suggest that eternal life is explicitly defined in John 17:3, where Jesus says in his High Priestly Prayer, “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” Carson says of this verse that “Eternal life turns on nothing more and nothing less than knowledge of the true God” and that it is “not so much everlasting life as personal knowledge of the Everlasting One.”

 The Quick and the Dead is an English phrase originating in William Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament (1526), “I testifie therfore before god and before the lorde Iesu Christ which shall iudge quicke and deed at his aperynge in his kyngdom” [2 Tim 4:1],

The quick and the dead (idiom) wikipedia

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